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[Laughter] The Idols Who Took Over Variety

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2013.04.13 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

While last week we celebrated the men and women who make us laugh as a vocation, today we’re highlighting those who started out in the business of laughter in a slightly different way.

We’re talking about the idols.

Idols, who train for years on years to be charismatic on stage, sing with (hopefully) beautiful voices, and execute knife-sharp dance moves, sometimes find their calling somewhere else - on the variety circuit.

Because, come on, let’s be real - no matter how good at singing you are, or how fancy your feet foot, in the currently overflowing pool of idols, it’s hard to stand out. But what idols have discovered is that actually having a personality, and displaying this personality, garners popularity and recognition - and thus, the variety-dol was born.

Here are just a few of the idols who have found new heights of popularity in making people laugh.

[Laughter] The Idols Who Took Over Variety


The Shinhwa members may have been in the business of being idols for 15 years, but the boys (men? no, definitely boys) have made their mark as the true original variety-dols. They’ve covered all aspects of variety, from the hit old school shows, X-Man and Love Letter to more recent shows like We Got Married, which arguably re-launched Andy’s career.

And of course, these days, the forever funny Shinhwa members have been making fans laugh every week through jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast.

Just watch Kim Dong Wan dance to Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s I Got a Boy.

‘Nuff said.

[Laughter] The Idols Who Took Over Variety

Super Junior

Another group that can’t be ignored is Super Junior. While we acknowledge that not all of the many Super Junior members spend a majority of their schedules on variety shows, a good majority of them have created careers out of MCing and cracking people up.

Though Leeteuk and Heechul are both currently in the army, they managed to carve a place for themselves as variety-dols, with the help of shows like Strong Heart, Star King and We Got Married, while fellow members, Shindong and Eunhyuk also stood out thanks to the former show. Of course, Kyuhyun is also doing his thing as a co-MC on Radio Star, and the remaining members frequently appear on shows as guests, spiking ratings and laughter all in one go.

Of course one particular member can make us just laugh...by laughing.

See what we mean below.

[Laughter] The Idols Who Took Over Variety

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee

This boy was destined for variety.

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee may not be very good at singing or dancing (hey, he said it first), but he sure is good at going crazy and letting nothing stop him from baring all.

We’re not sure if Kwang Hee ever gets embarrassed, but if he does, he sure seems to get over it quick. This idol was practically unknown until he began appearing on variety shows, talking, in his very loud voice, about all the plastic surgery he’s gotten.

Plastic surgery may be common, but talking about it sure isn’t, and so Kwang Hee immediately made headlines. Despite efforts to normalize the idol, Kwang Hee just can’t be contained - but it sure has been working for him. He’s appeared on Strong Heart, The Laws of the Jungle, We Got Married, Kneedrop Guru and many other variety shows, and has managed to stand out on every single one.

Of course it helps when you’ve got a recognizable voice (speaking, not singing) and a penchant for crazy dancing.

Just watch his cover of Jewelry’s Rhythm Ha

[Laughter] The Idols Who Took Over Variety

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

Now this is one idol who isn’t necessarily balls to the walls crazy - but he has a knack for stunning people with his variety wit (aka, his amazing babo-sense).

Nicknamed Babo Joon and thought of as one of the most clueless idols around (we say this with fondness, of course), MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has earned his place in the variety-dol hall of fame.

While Lee Joon started out as a child star, even acting as Rain’s child version in Ninja Assassin, and is a talented dancer and performer, he can’t seem to shed his ‘babo’ image. But perhaps he shouldn’t be trying?

Lee Joon has appeared on Strong Heart, Sesame Player, We Got Married and countless other shows, showcasing his slightly dumb, incredibly endearing ways, and has arguably a bigger fanbase than the rest of his group because of it.

But of course, his groupmates love teasing him too.

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