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Did Lee Do Young Date Former Co-Star Kim Bo Mi?

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2013.04.11 15:00 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Do Young opened up about his life, down to the most sensitive details, on TV, but the aftermath of his statements has led viewers to question, for whose benefit exactly did he do so?

Did Lee Do Young Date Former Co-Star Kim Bo Mi?

On the April 9 broadcast of SBS′ Incarnation, Lee Do Young dropped bomb after bomb as he got talking about his life.

He said he had once dated secretly with his co-star in a drama, sent a message to the girl who went on to blab about how he had kissed her in middle school and shed tears while talking about a senior actor who had dealt him harsh words.

His bold attitude and the nature of the stories told this day definitely managed to make issues. His courage drew many viewers to their TV sets, and his name continued to top portal site search lists everywhere.

Viewers laughed along to his words and enjoyed the show. It seemed everything had went well, but the problems arose, as they tend to do, after all the joy had settled down.

Netizens started to hunt down the actress he had mentioned based on the hints he had dropped in the show, and the hints were so specific that they were able to pinpoint a certain actress who fit his description.

"There was a scene in which we sat at a circular table with a tablecloth on it, and we weren′t supposed to let others know [of our relationship] but she suddenly tried to tip me over by pushing my legs with her feet. She also held my hand under the tablecloth because no one would look there," he had said.

With this hint, netizens dug up a screencap, saying that the actress he had been talking about could be Kim Bo Mi.

Did Lee Do Young Date Former Co-Star Kim Bo Mi?

As soon as the screencap went viral, Kim Bo Mi′s name rose to keyword search charts along with Lee Do Young′s, heating up the web on whether she was indeed the mystery actress Lee Do Young had mentioned.

It later on turned out that she wasn′t.

Kim Bo Mi tweeted, "I thought my name was on the charts because of Gu Family Book, so I clicked on it. But what.. Love rumors... No... It′s not true."

Taxi Entertainment, Kim Bo Mi′s agency, also said, "The two merely co-starred in a drama; they were never in a secret relationship. Lee Do Young′s statements and the netizens′ guess just happened to match. Kim Bo Mi is not the one Lee Do Young was talking about."

Did Lee Do Young Date Former Co-Star Kim Bo Mi?

Lee Do Young′s bold attitude is commendable, but it seems he could have been a bit more careful when telling stories involving others.

This just goes to show that too much passion can indeed hurt.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, SBS

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