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[Video] Foolish but Memorable 1st Generation Idol Dances

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2013.04.03 22:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Just as Anna Kendrick implied, 1TYM’s Hot Deuguh dance might be a little out of style considering it came out in 2003 (Oh my gosh, that was 10 years ago), but as silly as certain dances may seem now, at the time, they were the hottest moves that everyone was doing.

[Video] Foolish but Memorable 1st Generation Idol Dances

For our younger generation of K-Pop fans, we would like to introduce you to some of the funniest and most highlighted K-Pop dances of the first generation – which we’re sure, your idols still remember or will perform sometime in the future.

Kim Jong Kook’s Loveable

This song came out in 2005 and when a muscular man starts singing an adorable song while doing an even more adorable dance, it just automatically becomes a thing.

This could have been completely disastrous, but for unknown reasons, Kim Jong Kook’s Loveable became one of the most popular songs of the years and is still talked about today.

It was so popular that so many stars were making their own covers and collaborating with Kim Jong Kook on stage.

Out of all the covers, this particular one featuring Super Junior’s Heechul, Kim Ki Bum, and Jung Eui Chul stands out in our memory, and for good reason too.

S.E.S – Oh My Love

S.E.S’ Oh My Love makes us feel like we’re ten again because the song first came out in 1997 when K-Pop was just blossoming and S.E.S was pretty much the only girl group to look up to.

Going for the ultimate innocent and cute look, the girls sang about falling in love for the first time. The highlight move for this dance is the chorus when they start swaying their arms side to side, up and down, before creating fans with their hands and finally boogying down.

Shinhwa – Eusha Eusha

While they might be worrying about back problems and injuries here and there now, there was a time when the Shinhwa members used to be fresh and young too.

In 1998, Shinhwa hopped on over the stage with Eusha Eusha where the members constantly bounced up and down, wearing baggy pants and beads in their hair, while singing about going to the beach worry-free.

There’s so much going on in this dance, that you have to keep your eyes open at all times or you might miss a cute moment or two.

H.O.T – Candy

Even if you’re new to K-Pop, this is a song that you will end up hearing about or already know.

Released in 1996, H.O.T, who is considered the first idol boy band to start it all, came out wearing oversized overalls with giant fluffy mittens and hats, while singing about issues with commitment.

As silly as it may all sound (the outfits, the hair, the mittens…), Candy is one of the hottest songs in K-Pop history, with today′s idol groups still choosing to perform it.

Ask any fangirl growing up in the late 90’s – they’ll probably know the dance, especially Mun Hee Jun’s butt dance, which you can see at the 0:50 mark.

Sechs Kies –The Way This Guy Lives


Released in 1997 as well, Sechs Kies’ The Way This Guy Lives can also go down the hall of fame for a good oldie.

While the choreography is pretty easy and live performances caused the members to jump a little less higher, but we wanted to include this song on the list, because EUN JI WON. End of discussion.

Fin.K.L – Eternal Love

We remember when our brothers got excited whenever this song started playing on television.

Fin.K.L’s Eternal Love had boys going nuts with the cute concept and sweet voices, but the highlight of this song was when Ock Joo Hyun would raise up her pinky and sing “Promise Me” several times in the song.

And the chorus – how can we forget the chorus when the girls rolling their hands in the air while their hairs lightly floated in the air. K-Pop magic.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment, DSP Media

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