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[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?

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2012.02.07 17:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

Whether you love the day or hate it, Valentine’s Day is, once again, just around the corner. Chocolates, flowers, a romantic dinner for two… whatever your idea of a perfect date is, it can’t be a fulfilling V-day without the perfect person to spend it with!

We’ve rounded up a diverse group of candidates, so take a read and vote on which star you would most like to spend February 14 with!

[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?


Before joining SBS’ Running Man Gary was known for his smooth rhymes and rapping skills as part of hip hop duo, LeeSsang. But viewers of the show soon became charmed by his budding relationship with fellow cast member, Song Ji Hyo. While Song initially brushed off Gary’s flirtatious comments, the two soon became a beloved ‘item’ as his persistence seemed to have worked to slowly win her over. A huge fan base for the couple developed and soon wedding photos were created and uploaded by netizens.

But that all came to a sudden halt when it was unveiled that Song was in a relationship with a CEO. Though Gary has tweeted he’s doing fine since the “breakup” of the ‘Monday Couple’, many of his fans may want not just a Valentine’s date with him but to be an everyday couple with (heartbroken?) Gary.

[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?

Yoo Jae Suk

The beloved ‘Nation’s MC’ may be married, but he’s been praised by co-hosts, program guests, friends, fans and even ordinary folks.

While he may not place in the top ranks for best looking celebrity anytime soon, beiing well-mannered, kind-hearted and considerate, seems to have won over even his harshest critics (if such people even exists). It’s hard to imagine one would end a date with Yoo on an unpleasant note.

[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?


She sings, she dances, she acts, she plays guitar, oh, and she melts men and women of all ages with her cuteness. Is there anything this 18 year old can’t do, besides being NOT adorable? Seriously, she even looks cute without makeup!

And even if you weren’t blessed with the looks of someone like Won Bin, don’t worry about impressing her as she’s stated before that she prefers men that aren’t “too handsome”. But shh! If you’re thinking of confessing your feelings for her now, in time for the big V-day, it may be best you not let her fiercely devoted fans know!

[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?

Lee Seung Gi

Nicknamed ‘emperor’, it’s no secret that for millions of women, many have dreamt of being the “empress” to the 25 year old Lee Seung Gi. And like the previously mentioned IU, Lee is also an individual of many talents, juggling various responsibilities as singer, an award-winning MC and actor.

Gentle, well-mannered and seemingly always cheerful, Lee fits the “ideal” stereotype for many roles- from older brother to son to that significant other for February 14. But those hoping for a romantic spark with Lee may have to enlist the help of Cupid and his arrows as you almost certainly face a major competitor!

[Poll] Who Do You Want to Spend Valentine′s Day With?


Is it possible to watch a performance by this 19 year old dancing queen and not be left staring with jaws wide open? Her talent in shaking what her momma gave her probably makes all the controversies she’s been surrounded with worth it. Still, this seemingly unfazed issue-maker is definitely a hot item right now (over 24 million views of her hit song, Bubble Pop! and going) and in a K-Pop world saturated with cutesy girls, she may be just the thing for the guys who prefer a little more spice than sugar on Valentine’s Day.

Let us know who you think is the perfect date for Valentine’s Day by voting in the poll to the right! And if you think someone else is THE one for the day then sound off in the comments below!

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