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Clazziquai′s Horan Happily Walks the Aisle

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2013.04.01 11:24 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Clazziquai′s Horan happily tied the knot with her fiancee on March 30.

Before the wedding ceremony Horan found time to appear before the press in her white wedding dress and answer their questions.

Clazziquai′s Horan Happily Walks the Aisle

When asked when exactly she realized her fiancee was ′the one′, she answered, "I found myself thinking that soon after we started seeing each other. I can′t really point at any one thing I like about him, but I just started thinking that I was born to be this man′s mate."

At a request that she brag a bit about her groom-to-be, she answered, "Everything about him is great. He′s even very stylish, and he especially wears styles that I like. He is very kind and gentle. He is also talented in the arts."

On what the couple calls each other, she said, "We took to calling each other ′darling′ and ′honey′ a lot. He calls me honey, while I call him ′dragon.′"

"I call him that because he was born in the year of the dragon," she explained. "Dragons are cool, and they′re imaginary creatures. I call him that because he′s my fantasy."

She also said she presented her husband with a dragon doll, while he in return gave her a sheep doll, as she was born in the year of the sheep.

"Fans have told me they′re jealous, but I was sad when they didn′t seem to show they would miss [my being single]," she joked.

Horan said she learned a lot at actress So Yu Jin′s wedding, as she also caught the bouquet that day.

"[So Yu Jin] gave me a lot of advice on everything from how to distribute invitations," she said. "I didn′t care much for the small details when I wasn′t thinking seriously about getting married, but when I started preparing I came to notice the smaller issues. I studied for my own wedding at So Yu Jin′s."

She also got talking about the romantic proposal she had received.

She said, "We went on a trip to Spain last summer. There′s a cathedral there that has been under construction for over 100 years. We heard it would be completed in 15 or 20 years, and we promised to return when it was completed as he gave me a ring he got in Spain."

"I actually knew he would be proposing to me, but still I was brought to tears because I was so happy," she said.

The couple kept its plans to have children a mystery, as Horan said, "We don′t know yet. We′ve talked about it before, but we don′t know."

"I′ve said we should always work hard ever since we started going out," she said when asked to send a message to her fiancee. "We also promised to try to get used to each other all our lives."

She finished, "I want to share this happiness with everyone who congratulated me. I hope you all become happy."

The ceremony was hosted by singer Kim Chang Wan, while fellow Clazziquai member Alex, Kim Jang Hoon, Kim Hyung Suk, Danny Jung and Daybreak sang.

Horan′s fiancee Mr. Han is three years older than the singer, and currently works in a content-related area at a large firm. The two were once a couple when they were in their 20s, and started seeing each other again last year to finally tie the knot this day.

Horan debuted as a member of Clazziquai in 2004 and has since been active as a singer and MC.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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