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[Star of the Week] Infinite and its Endless Pranks

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2013.03.31 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

While they might be serious when it comes to dancing and singing, it doesn’t mean that the Infinite members aren’t without fun and games.

[Star of the Week] Infinite and its Endless Pranks

In fact, Infinite is becoming one of the most playful groups in the music industry as the members are slowly revealing just what a bunch of troublemakers they really are.

With April Fool′s Day coming up, here are a couple of pranks you can pull, as demonstrated by the Infinite members.

Sung Yeol’s Vinegar-filled Bananas

It all began with Mnet’s real variety program, Sesame Player, where the Infinite members did all kinds of weird things - pranking included.

One good example is when Sung Yeol was given a syringe, a bottle of vinegar, and a hand of bananas. He filled the syringe with vinegar and then inserted the sour liquid into the bananas, before tricking each Infinite member into taking a giant bite.

Behold the power of the vinegar banana.

The Salty Coffee of L

Boys will always be boys, and after taking a bite out of vinegary bananas, L couldn’t just sit there and accept the fact that he’s been pranked.

Getting his revenge, L filled cups of coffee with tons of salt before delivering them to his fellow Infinite members. Despite the fact they were all cautious towards the coffee after being badly punked by Sung Yeol once, every Infinite member ended up taking a sip and scrunching their faces in horror as L gleefully laughed in their faces.

When Members Trick Dong Woo

Pretending to fall sick, Dong Woo attempted to trick the other members but the joke was on him, as the other Infinite member all knew about Dong Woo’s fake sickness.

Using their excellent acting skills, the Infinite members managed to make a complete fool out of Dong Woo, while pretending to really care for him, doing everything from pricking his finger for indigestion to Sung Jong even crying after seeing his hyung in so much pain.

Oh, Dong Woo.

Dong Woo’s Birthday

Poor Dong Woo doesn’t catch a break being the most gullible member in the group.

While the boys were hard at work in Japan, Infinite gave Dong Woo a birthday celebration to remember for the rest of his life.

What started out as a large scolding from the scary manager ended up with Dong Woo crying unending tears as the rest of the group laughed and smiled happily for the camera, celebrating its member’s special day.

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment

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