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[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies

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2013.03.31 12:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

In the idol world, the name Infinite has become synonymous with synchronized dancing as the group has impressed fans time and time again with its sharp-as-a-knife choreographies.

Although most idol groups are lucky to have even one standout dancer, Infinite boasts a team of talented members who can execute intricate dance moves in drill-like formations, and we′ve gathered a few of its most popular dance moves below.

[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies

Before the Dawn (BTD)

Although the song wasn’t a number one hit by music program standards, the ‘Scorpion Dance’ from Before the Dawn (BTD) was a hit among fans and is one of Infinite’s most famous dances to date.

Infinite is known for its synchronized dancing, and this song is the reason why. From the smallest hand movements to the ‘Scorpion dance’ in the climax, the boys execute the intricate choreography without missing a beat.

[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies

Be Mine

Not only did Be Mine spur another famous dance - the Spiderman dance - it earned Infinite its first number one win, solidifying the boys′ status as K-Pop stars.

The Spiderman dance doesn′t require as much skill as the Scorpion dance - simply extend your arm out Spiderman style, as if you′re about to shoot a web - but it definitely sticks.

Check out the dance below.

[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies


The boys hardly had a chance to cool off from the success of Be Mine when Infinite returned a few months later with a repackaged album and struck gold once again with Paradise.

Synchronized dancing was expected of Infinite at this point, but the boys mixed in some sexy this time around.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any of the boys’ smooth moves in the music video (literally, zip – the boys are too busy being dark and mysterious, lurking in the shadows and in an abandoned train car to bust a move), but Infinite’s live performances more than make up for it.

Check out the performance (and Woo Hyun’s man cleavage) in the clip below:

[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies

The Chaser

The choreography in Infinite’s The Chaser didn’t inspire a name, but the slick choreography is signature Infinite.

The moves in The Chaser appropriately remind us of someone on the run, and the intricate angles showcased in the synchronized choreography impressed fans once again.

When it comes to Infinite’s videos, fans look forward to the dance versions of music videos as much as they do the group’s actual music videos, and The Chaser was no exception, having amassed more than three million views on YouTube.

[Star of the Week] Infinite′s Infamous Choreographies

Man in Love

There isn’t a memorable move that sticks out in Infinite’s latest single, but the song as a whole definitely gives rise to some feel good memories of puppy love.

A man in love reverts to being a kid, apparently, as the Infinite members slide and glide across the stage (Hoya and Dongwoo even bust out a Moonwalk-inspired move), turning the entire choreography into one, big happy dance.

Unlike Infinite’s previous hits, Man in Love brings out the members’ boyish charms and gives the boys room to let loose a little on stage.

Which Infinite dance is your favorite?

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