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Han Hye Jin Speaks Up on Twitter

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2013.03.28 14:17 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Han Hye Jin finally opened up in person on her relationship with Ki Sung Yueng.

On March 28, Han Hye Jin tweeted, "You must have been so shocked these past few days. I′m sorry I couldn′t tell you myself because my situation and the timing made me be very careful. The reason I′m speaking up like this is because I wanted to clear up the misunderstandings and rumors surrounding the two of us."

Han Hye Jin Speaks Up on Twitter

She first chose to talk about rumors regarding their marriage. A media outlet had reported this day that the couple′s parents had met, and that they would be marrying in June.

Han Hye Jin′s agency denied the rumors, and Han Hye Jin herself also maintained the same stance.

"There is talk about our marriage, but our parents never met," she said. "Of course we′re thinking about it because we decided to see each other after much contemplation, but we′ve never talked it over specifically and even if we do decide to get married, I want me, or us, to announce it ourselves. I believe that would be proper."

She also apologized for having the news be released before the couple could make their own official announcement. She said they couldn′t let their relationship be known so close to Ki Sung Yueng′s important game against Qatar.

She said, "I′m very sorry we couldn′t clear up rumors about our relationship beforehand because I thought it would hinder the important game. Like [Ki] Sung Yueng said, we had planned to go public before he was to leave the country. I hope you understand why we couldn′t admit to our relationship for a few days."

The next part of the text touched on the rumors surrounding her former relationship with Naul.

"I know about the misunderstandings surrounding the time I started to meet [Ki Sung Yueng], but I′ve never made a choice that would have hurt others. It is true though that the gap between my old relationship and my new relationship would have felt narrow, and so it is fine even if I am criticized in that aspect. What I can say with confidence, however, is that I did not make a choice that would have hurt anyone," she said.

She finished, "Thank you for showing us your support despite the uncertainties. We′ll lead a good relationship to repay that warm love, and we will also become better people in our own places."

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