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[Interview] What Lee Hi Wants from YG and Yang Hyun Suk

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2013.03.31 15:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Many teenagers flocked to SBS′ K-Pop Star after hearing news that representatives from each of the three biggest K-Pop agencies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, would be joining the show, aiming to make a quick entrance to the K-Pop world.

[Interview] What Lee Hi Wants from YG and Yang Hyun Suk

Thanks to the sharp eyes of BoA, Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young, K-Pop Star managed to garner great popularity in the midst of a flood of audition programs, and managed to dig out many issue-making figures. Lee Hi, who was picked up by YG Entertainment following the conclusion of the show, was one of them.

Her husky voice, mature for her age of 16, drew eyes and ears to her music.

Even though she didn′t win the K-Pop Star competition, she still managed to realize her dream. She became a singer.

Don′t be afraid to take chances

Lee Hi made her debut in K-Pop with her retro soul single 1,2,3,4. Armed with support from YG Entertainment, which she had signed her contract with soon after K-Pop Star had met its conclusion, she kicked off her career with a successful start.

In just one year she became one of the biggest solo singers in the scene, and this spring she plans to release her first full-length album. The first part was released online on March 7, and the offline version was released on March 28.

So what does Lee Hi think of her busy year?

"I wanted to sing so much, and I′m happy I′ve fulfilled my dream of becoming a singer. I want to tell those who dream of becoming singers that the most important thing is never to be afraid. I was also scared of taking chances but I brought up my courage to appear in K-Pop Star. I also learned with every performance that I shouldn′t be afraid. You will find a way if you don′t hesitate to take up the challenges given you."

Her sincere words came from experience, and showed how she had managed to become a singer.

"I was able to be bold onstage after I became determined to show my confidence whenever I became timid," she added.

[Interview] What Lee Hi Wants from YG and Yang Hyun Suk


Lee Hi is one of the most successful out of all the former K-Pop Star contestants. Even in the midst of competitive senior singers, this rookie singer managed to score big on music charts and draw the attention of the press. Some even started to call her a ′monster rookie′.

Most of her success was helped on by YG. What did Lee Hi see in YG at first to make her sign her contract?

"YG made the offer first. It was the agency I wanted to be with too. (Laugh) There are so many colorful singers signed with YG. I believed that it would help me find the strengths in my voice, which I once didn′t really like, and search up a style that would fit me. Looking back, I feel I made the right choice. My choice to go to YG turned out to be the best one."

Lee Hi continues to mature among many senior musicians. In a place where the people around her continuously talk about music, Lee Hi also has started to set her sights on other genres of music. She didn′t get to talk much with her ideal type T.O.P. of Big Bang, but still she met her senior Tablo and has been learning a lot from him.

Please, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk

When asked whether she wanted to say anything to her agency rep Yang Hyun Suk, Lee Hi nodded her head and said, "Thank you for the house. I really hope you release this [with the article]; Mr. Yang Hyun Suk, you told me you would get me good beef, but when? I think you forgot the promise you made. Please keep it."

This girl with the cute high school girl personality and husky voice still has a long way to go, but this also means that there is more to look forward to.

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