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[Interview] Girl′s Day Says It′s Trying to Balance Sexy and Cute

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2013.03.23 17:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Girl′s Day has finally succeeded in pulling out its full potential.

After the release of its first studio album Expectation, the group′s hopes of topping a chart on a music show have slowly started to come true. The title song Expectation managed to rise to the top of various music sites, and its music video has also managed to garner high views.

[Interview] Girl′s Day Says It′s Trying to Balance Sexy and Cute

The newfound success follows the group′s transformation from pure, innocent girls to sexy women. The group is now out to seduce onstage in see-through tops and skinny jeans instead of smiling and jumping up and down in cute poses.

Member Minah said, "Of course we were pressured. Our image would be changing completely from cute to sexy. It wasn′t easy because we had sported a cute image for over two and a half years. You have to use entirely different muscles for cute expressions and sexy expressions."

So Jin said, "We tried not to make it look too suggestive by overdoing it. It was important not to cross the line between sexy and loud."

It wasn′t, of course, easy to undergo this new transformation that would make male hearts flutter. The group′s youngest member Hyeri, who had barely escaped her teens and Minah, with her cute image especially, found it hard.

"You can′t find any femininity or sexiness in me," Hyeri said. "The older members are all attractive as women, but I don′t know about me. I′m still trying to find the sexiness inside me. Do you think I′ll be able to find it if I keep concentrating on Expectation onstage this week?"

Minah said, "When people hear I′m doing sexy, they often say, ′You, sexy?′ Of course I was worried about it myself, but once I stood onstage I found sexy came more easily than I thought it would. I still can′t let go of my cute smile, though."

[Interview] Girl′s Day Says It′s Trying to Balance Sexy and Cute

Fans would also have had to accept the fact that their group was no longer a cute bunch of girls.

When asked about how fans reacted to the new look, Hyeri answered, "I think our fans wanted us to be sexy and feminine rather than be cute all the time too. They′ve shown their support, and some have said they like this concept better."

"It doesn′t mean that we′ll be letting go of our cute image completely just because we′ve become sexy. Sometimes we can be cute, sometimes feminine and sometimes bright and bouncy. Sexy is only one side of ourselves that we can show. We have everything," said Yura.

The sexy hip choreography in which the members take down their suspenders and another in which they bounce with their legs spread apart has been garnering interest as a shocking new attempt by the girls.

If it was just the moves, the group may have been caught by censors just like most other girl groups, but it avoided this restriction by choosing to take up a concept of ′restrained sexiness.′

"The suspender dance is the one we cared most about," Minah said. "It wasn′t easy to get nice lines. It was hard because we had never used those body parts before."

So Jin said, "It may look like we′re just moving our hips, but our choreographer wanted something else. We needed to move subtly, just enough to give off a sexy feeling. I guess it worked!"

[Interview] Girl′s Day Says It′s Trying to Balance Sexy and Cute

The members say that though they′re still in the beginning of their promotions, that they would be happy to get their first no. 1 win of their lives. What they want, however, is more than just a trophy or a rank. They want to gather some steady attention and be recognized for their music.

Hyeri said, "To be honest, our final goal is to be loved by our fans and our friends."

Minah added, "Since we′re singers, I hope we′re more loved for our music. It′s good to see people who like our music because they like us, but I just hope that people will start liking our music a little bit more."

Photo credit: Dream Tea Entertainment, Mnet

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