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[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

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2013.03.18 18:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

After building momentum with a track-by-track release of project album NOWorkend, hip hop’s hottest acts, Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, Primary, Zion.T and more, hit the stage for Amoeba Culture’s 2013 Amoebahood Concert concert, held at Seoul’s Olympic Park Olympic Hall on March 16 and 17.

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

There was no easing into it, as the lights went out, signaling the start of the show, and a cypher video flashed on the screen, featuring all seven Amoeba artists spitting bar after bar, one after the other, to rev up the crowd.

Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, Yankie, Rhythm Power and Zion.T then stormed the stage, dressed in suits and ties, to really set things off, getting the audience on its feet with Supreme Team’s Super Magic and Dynamic Duo’s Chulchek (Roll Call).

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

Before the dust could settle from the opening performance, the artists introduced themselves (briefly, because who has time to fuss with canned introductions) then shifted the spotlight on Planet Shiver and Primary, took off his signature box mask from behind the DJ booth.

The spotlight remained on the producer as Dynamic Duo′s Choiza and Zion.T kicked off the first official set with Primary′s ? (Question Mark).

Zion.T then passed the baton to Supreme Team′s Simon D, who joined Choiza for another Primary-produced track, before the singer returned to the stage to perform Let′s Meet and See Through.

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

Although the singer had tweeted earlier that day that he was suffering from a cold, Zion.T, joined by VV:D crew member Crush, didn′t disappoint fans — especially the ladies — with his recently-released R&B track Two Melodies.

K-Pop fans may know Zion.T for his previous collaborations with 2AM′s Jo Kwon and, most recently, Infinite H, but he is widely-recognized on the hip hop scene and updated fans on the status of his new album, saying “An album is in the works. Sleep a few more nights, and you’ll be able to hear it.”

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

The concert also marked Supreme Team member E-Sens’ first official public appearance since his marijuana scandal in 2011. After going on temporary hiatus, E-Sens tread carefully back into the public eye with Poison, a track featured on Primary’s album, and it seemed all was forgiven with his frank performance of the song.

The usually flashy E-Sens expressed his nervousness on being back onstage in a pre-recorded video shown at the concert, saying “When I was rehearsing I couldn’t really tell, but as it gets closer, I can feel my heart racing.”

Following the performance, he said a simple “Thank you” and walked quietly off of the stage.

Yankie, who said he’s in charge of ‘military discipline,’ kept a tight grip on the audience with tracks Polar Bear and I.N.D.O, before Rhythm Power loosened the crowd back up with Rhythm Power, My My and Sanaee.

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

Supreme Team then returned to the stage to perform Hooligan from its debut album, an ode to its official fan club, Hooligans, before giving fans a first listen of two new tracks, Eat It and Stay Still. The latter, Supreme Team’s first release in almost two and a half years, will be released as a digital single on March 19 as the next installment in Amoeba Culture’s NOWorkend project album.

After wreaking havoc with Hooligan and previewing Eat It, a true blue hip hop track, for the fans, E-Sens, drinking up the crowd’s energy, said that he tends to get delusional at shows and added, “I′m going to play as if you only came to see me.”

“We′re back,” said Simon D. “I think we′ve returned to our rightful place.”

Crush then came back onstage to slow it down with the upcoming NOWorkend track Stay before Supreme Team went elbows up to close its set out with Dang Dang Dang.

Let’s just say hardly a trace of the sullen E-Sens during Poison remained, and the fans didn’t seem to mind a bit.

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

Dynamic Duo didn’t miss a beat and kept the energy high when they took to the stage next with Rhythm is Life, Hip Hop is Dead and Superstar.

Member Gaeko, who boasts a set of pipes that could make any R&B singer nervous, then slowed it down for the ladies with Confession and Guilty.

Choiza said, "Feels like a ballad concert. But Gaeko really wants to sing today. Let him sing."

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

An “Okay, that’s enough” from Gaeko then set the boys off on the final set, which was a mix of the old and new, as Dynamic Duo performed fan favorites Fireworks and classic Ring My Bell from its first album Taxi Driver before hitting fans with Crazy Good and Supreme Team’s E-Sens and Rhythm Power’s Boi B put a new spin on Dynamic Duo’s Without You.

Following a hot performance of Friday Night, Dynamic Duo went way back with the rest of the Amoeba Culture artists, who came back on stage for a final encore performance of Really from CB Mass’ first album MassMediah.

The old meets new theme came full circle when Choiza invited a special guest onto the stage for the final performance, saying “Today is a special day and an old friend is waiting to congratulate us.” The guest turned out to be none other than Curbin from CB Mass.

[Concert Review] Amoeba Culture Reps Best of Hip Hop at ‘Amoebahood Concert’

From start to finish, the fans didn′t have a moment to spare in their seats as Amoeba Culture brought out the best on Korea′s current hip hop scene, and if the sight of a tired crowd sauntering out of the venue is any indication, a night spent in Amoebahood is a night well spent.

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