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[Goodwill] Fan Clubs and Their Generous Donations

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2013.03.16 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Last week, we highlighted some idols who spend their time doing good deeds, but this week, we’re giving special attention to those who don’t get as much notice - you guys, the fans!

Fan clubs have come a long way in Korea, from being recognized for fan wars to being written up in the news for their impressive donations and sweet hearts.

It’s become traditional for fan clubs to donate rice to celebrities, which are in turn, donated to charities or people in need. Fan clubs have gone above and beyond when it comes to doing good deeds in their favorite celeb’s names - and we’re here to acknowledge you guys for your efforts!

[Goodwill] Fan Clubs and Their Generous Donations

Just this past week, Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans donated over 11 million won to the Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship Fund via the Beautiful Fund. The Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship fund has so far raised close to 200 million won, after it first was created by Kim Hyun Joong’s Korean fan club, Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S.

Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S also donated 10 million won under Kim Hyun Joong’s name to the Beautiful Fund campaign to help provide relief to Korea’s elderly suffering from the heat wave in the summer of 2012. Kim Hyun Joong was clearly touched by his fan club’s action, and ended up donating 50 million won of his own money to the campaign in return.

Kang Dong Won’s fans also made the news recently, after donating over 4 million won to Lunch Boxes of Love via World Vision to celebrate the actor′s 10th anniversary. Kang Dong Won’s fans also donated 3 million won to Haiti earthquake victims in Kang Dong Won’s name.

[Goodwill] Fan Clubs and Their Generous Donations

Of course, you can’t forget about the rice. It’s become almost a competition to see which fans can donate the most rice to different celebs at premieres, concerts and other events.

TVXQ’s Yunho’s fans recently donated a whopping 12.62 tons of rice for the premiere his drama Yawang, while B1A4 fans donated tons of rice, fertilizer and charcoal for its first exclusive concert. Lee Seung Gi’s fans donated over two tons of rice as well as charcoal for his concert in December, while Lee Joon Gi donated over 10 tons of fan-given rice to the Korea Food for the Hungry International .

JYJ Park Yoo Chun′s fans donated not only an amazing 12 tons of rice for the premiere of I Miss You, but also 2,160 charcoal briquette packs, 2,000 packs of instant ramen and 100 mango trees.

Park Yoo Chun′s fan club, ′Blessing Yoo Chun′, also donated 10 million won to charity to celebrate its second anniversary. The money went to children′s centers in Korea, as well as an Indonesian orphanage.

Both FT Island and CN Blue, who share a company, held hands with their fans to donate 20 tons of rice to charity.

[Goodwill] Fan Clubs and Their Generous Donations

And while fan-donated rice is definitely doing its part to feed the needy, previously, FT Island made things a bit more personal, by teaming up with Primadonna to donate books and a computer to a school in Africa’s Ivory Coast. FT Island worked with Korea Food for the Hungry International to provide for children who lost their homes to the war.

Note: We know fan clubs have been doing so much for a long time, and we′re sorry we can’t highlight them all, even though we love all the love and goodwill that′s being shared in the name of Korean entertainment!

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