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[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

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2013.03.17 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Being the longest running K-Pop idol group, Shinhwa has said a lot of things in the past fifteen years. It also doesn’t help that when it comes to speaking their minds, the Shinhwa members are practically fearless when addressing certain issues as well as pouring love towards their fans.

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

In honor of its upcoming anniversary, we gathered up some noteworthy quotes from the Shinhwa members to show a glimpse of what kind of idol group Shinhwa is to the younger generation who weren’t around to experience the group to the fullest.

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Eric to Reporter Jo Hyun Woo

When Shinhwa returned with its 7th album in 2004, reporter Jo Hyun Woo blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members, implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities.

Otherwise laidback, Eric, as the leader, was unable to sit still and made a reply to the reporter on his website, asking for a more meaningful review.

Here is an excerpt:

“Just like each person has a personal preference in a variety of food, if our music does not fit your taste buds, then eat something else. We don’t cook for people who hate our food. Luckily, we have people who love the food we cook, and that’s why we continue to work hard for them.
Shinhwa is lucky. When we tell fans to study hard as we sign for them, they return with report cards proving they were at the top of the class. Through the music we perform, the audience goes wild and is happy. Receiving that kind of energy from fans, we prepare and work harder. We give happiness and it’s worthwhile….what more do we need?
If you want to criticize us, then earn the rights to do so. And if your words aren’t just merely used to gain interest or if you have more to say to us, I hope that you would personally come see me.

P.S. It’s not easy to meet Shinhwa. That is all.”

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Kim Dong Wan to Shinhwa Chang Jo

Known as the strictest member to its fanclub, Shinhwa Chang Jo, Kim Dong Wan left these words as he lectured and hosed down fans who were staking out in front of the Shinhwa dorm.

“Shinhwa will not take responsibility for your lives.”

Kim Dong Wan later explained in an interview, “We are working hard with goals to achieve our dreams, so I said those things because I didn’t want them to lose their goals and dreams.”

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Jun Jin to Shinhwa

During Shinhwa’s 4th album in 2001, Shinhwa participated in MBC’s Guerilla Concert, where the group was given the goal to attract 10,000 audience members to an impromptu concert.

As the members stood before the audience, blindfolded and not knowing if they met their goals, Jun Jin, as the youngest at the time with Andy’s leave, started to cry.

"Because of the hyungs, I think Andy and I were able to stick it our for four years. I never once said I love you to the hyungs, but hyungs, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Although slightly cheesy, upon the context of the situation, Jun Jin’s quote caused a lot of tears to be shed. Shinhwa also succeeded in meeting its goal on the show.

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Lee Min Woo on Shinhwa

At the 10th anniversary concert, which ended up lasting for five hours, Shinhwa said farewell to its fans as the members prepared to take a four year hiatus to fulfill army duties.

To reassure the fans that this is not the end of Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo said, “If you change, it’ll be wasteful. The ten years we’ve known each other will be wasteful. Don’t change, okay? We’ll show you. We’ll show you what it means to not change, so everyone, look forward to it.”

He later added, “Since we began with six, we’ll end with six.”

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Andy on Going to the Stage

On jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, many of the Shinhwa members’ quotes from the past were revealed, creating nostalgia for its fans.

From all the quotes, Andy’s particularly stood out as he described his struggles and how he overcame his fear after departing from the group in 2001 due to family issues.

“At first this road was so long. It was a time when this road until the stage felt like a tunnel. However, I like this road now. While I was resting, I missed this road. This is my favorite road in the entire world – the road from the waiting room to the stage.”

[Star of the Week] That’s What Shinhwa Said

Shin Hye Sung on Friendship

A neatly-packaged man, Shin Hye Sung usually shies away from some of the crazy things the other Shinhwa members do, but despite appearing a bit secretive compared to the other members, Shin Hye Sung never hesitated when expressing his love for his group.

“Although people may think that all the things we did was fake, I hope that people will know that the friendship of the members is most definitely not fake.”

It’s a bit hazy in which setting Shin Hye Sung said this, but the quote was so touching that Shinhwa Chang Jo kept the quote alive since its origin until now.


At the Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert on March 16, Eric left us with this gem:

"At first, we were Shinhwa to become singers. But now, we are singers to be Shinhwa."

What are some Shinhwa quotes that you know?

Photo Credit: MBC, jTBC, KBS, Good Entertainment, Chicken Mania, Top Class Entertainment, CJ E&M

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