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Seo Taiji’s Fans Build a ‘Seotaiji Forest’ in Brazil

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2012.02.01 18:32 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Seo Taiji’s fans will be creating a forest in Brazil named after Seo Taiji.

The Seotaiji Forest Project posted news about the project on Seotaiji.com on January 31, and revealed the specifics of the project.

According to the Seotaiji Forest Project, while the members of Seo Taiji’s fansite were debating about what they should do to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Seo’s debut, they learned through the MBC documentary Tears of the Amazon that the tropical forests in South America were being severely damaged, and decided that they would start a Seo Taiji eco project to create a Seotaiji Forest.

Seo Taiji’s Fans Build a ‘Seotaiji Forest’ in Brazil

They considered creating a forest in Korea, but because there were many additional problems to the issue such as the purchase of land, they decided to create a forest on damaged property.

The project group learned after a month of research that the British group World Land Trust (WLT) was supporting tree planting, and decided to collaborate with the group and plant trees in Guapi Assu in Brazil.

A rep from the Seotaiji Forest Project said, “The Guapi Assu area has many endangered species because only 7 percent of its original forest area has survived. Because the land is currently protected by law, we were able to plant the trees safely away from the danger of logging, and because the owner of the land is a local environmental group put together by natives, we could also avoid the issue of green colonization.”

The project group decided that 20 million won would be sufficient to build a forest according to advice given by WLT and a local group, REGUA, and the groups exchanged documents containing conditions that the forest was not being created for personal purposes, that the forest should be put under regular care and that feedback should be given about the process.

Donations were finalized on February 31, 2011, and managed to collect twice the amount of the original 20 million won goal, 39 million won. Originally, the project group planned to create a forest over five hectares of land, but as the amount of the fund has increased, more land will be brought in to be used for the forest.

Seo Taiji’s Fans Build a ‘Seotaiji Forest’ in Brazil

The Seotaiji Forest Project stated, “The official name of the forest is Seotaiji Forest, and information about the area will be listed on maps such as Google Earth. Currently, the group has displayed in its lobby pictures of Seo Taiji and some Korean text to express its thanks.”

The Seotaiji Forest Project initially planned to reveal the project on Seo Taiji’s debut anniversary, March 20, but as information on the project was leaked through media outlets beforehand, it continued to post specifics about the project on its webpage.

An official from Seotaiji Company stated, “We only knew that the fans were putting together a project to build a forest; we didn’t know about the specifics.”

Photo credit: Seotaiji.com

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