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DMTN Member Daniel Arrested on Marijuana-Related Charges

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2013.03.13 09:50 Mwave Jeon Su Mi | Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

DMTN member Daniel was arrested for being involved in drug trafficking.

Police announced on March 12 that it had questioned Daniel on drug-related charges, and had decided to take the case to prosecution.

DMTN Member Daniel Arrested on Marijuana-Related Charges

Daniel was originally under suspicion of smoking and selling marijuana with his friends between September and December in 2012, but after drug tests turned out negative, was only charged for trafficking the drug. The singer admitted to a part of the charges during questioning.

DMTN′s agency, 2Works, issued a press release on March 12 to clear up the charges being pressed against the singer and to apologize.

"DMTN member Daniel was put under investigation on related charges from March 9, and was then sent home. He is being charged for the recruitment and placement [of drug traffickers]," the release read.

The agency added that Daniel had initially come under suspicion of smoking the drug, but hair, urine and dope tests turned out negative. He was thus only questioned on the aforementioned charges.

"Daniel made a poor and careless decision when he believed he would not come under great harm as long as he did not smoke the drug himself," it said. "All staff working with the company are also feeling the heavy weight of responsibility as we failed to lead Daniel to make the right decision."

It also said, "Daniel admitted to his charges, and showed a willingness to cooperate fully with police and prosecution so that he would be a help to the investigation. He feels remorse over the crime he has so rashly committed, and is regretting his actions. He hasn′t been given a final, legal decision on his charges yet, but we believe he will have no excuse to give for his faults."

It finished, "Daniel wishes to accept the legal decisions made on his actions, and he also wishes to make up for his misdeeds. The staff respects his decision, and will help him become a more mature member of society."

DMTN changed its name from Dalmatian recently, and had been promoting its new single Safety Zone.

Photo credit: 2Works

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