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[Star of the Week] Teen Top’s Cover Tributes to Its Sunbaes

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2013.03.10 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than when a K-Pop idol group sings a song that is not their own.

Teen Top is a good example of a group who does fun covers of other artists, and in the close to three years they’ve been active, the Teen Top members have done a lot.

[Star of the Week] Teen Top’s Cover Tributes to Its Sunbaes

And the reason why covers are so special is because for a good majority of the time, the artists sing songs that they’ve listened and sung along to as they grew up with dreams of becoming a singer.

Through various covers, Teen Top showed its respect (and love) for the sunbaes that have paved the way, and there’s nothing more beautiful than when hubaes remember what everyone else might have forgotten over the years.

Plus, we’ll take all the sunbae/hubae lovin’ that we can get.

Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby

Artists usually cover other artists′ songs during the holiday seasons, when TV specials air, but the Teen Top members cracked through that tradition and actually submitted a cover of their own for Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby cover contest back in April of 2012.

Although the video featuring Niel, Ricky and Changjo didn’t make it into the top 10, they stated in the description box that it was for fun and hoped a lot of people would laugh watching it.

In that sense, they definitely came out as winners and the ultimate celebrity fanboys of Big Bang.

g.o.d – An Ordinary Day

Basking in the past, Teen Top performed a special stage of g.o.d’s 2004 hit An Ordinary Day on Mnet’s M Countdown.

Teen Top pulled off the performance extremely well with an intricate choreography and the members′ emotion-drenched voices that had the fans cheering in the audience and us, crying in nostalgia.

Despite being an extremely beautiful and heartwrenching song, there hasn′t been a lot of covers of An Ordinary Day, and we′re sure the g.o.d members were grateful that such a young group would remember them.

H.O.T’s Candy & Happiness

It’s only customary for every boy band to cover H.O.T’s Candy because, well, it’s the song that started the entire boy band culture.

But since we have seen enough Candy covers with the white overalls and the oversized mittens, we decided to include a Teen Top/Infinite collaboration of H.O.T’s Happiness. (Many new K-Pop fans know it as a Super Junior song, but it′s actually a cover of an H.O.T classic.)

Teen Top and Infinite performed the 1997 classic on SBS’ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocoate. Not only was it refreshing to see a different H.O.T song being spotlighted, but both Teen Top and Infinite did an awesome job, bringing smiles into the studio, which is exactly what the song calls for.

Kim Heung Guk’s Tiger Swallowtail & Secret’s Shy Boy

If it’s customary to do H.O.T’s Candy, it’s also common for a boy band to dress up as girls.

And that is exactly what Teen Top did on MBC’s Star Dance Battle in 2011.

Before they bust out with Secret’s Shy Boy, fluttery shirts and all, the group even covered the 1989 classic one hit wonder, Kim Heung Guk’s Tiger Swallotail.

But going back to the fluttery shirts, the Teen Top boys didn’t appear shy at all, as they danced their way through the entire performance without breaking out in embarrassment.

So, thumbs up to the boys.

Shinhwa – T.O.P

We couldn’t finish this article without including a Shinhwa cover, since not only is Teen Top’s daddy, Andy in the group, but this specific song has probably had more influence on Teen Top than most people know.

On tvN’s Newton Chart, Teen Top performed Shinhwa’s 1999 hit, T.O.P, a performance where the Teen Top members once again exhibited their perfectly synced dancing.

We already know that the Teen Top members are great dancers, but we also know that Andy probably had the group practice to this song a bazillion times, since this song was the song that allowed Shinhwa to hug its first number one trophy.

There’s so much sentimental value to T.O.P that Andy created a company based off the title and maybe even gave Teen Top the name it has today.

Plus, what better way to pay tribute than singing your boss′ old song?

Photo Credit: T.O.P Media

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