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Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

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2012.01.31 18:19 Mwave Nancy Lee

Last week, we were flooded with teasers upon teasers for idol group comebacks and debuts, from Shinhwa’s and Big Bang’s highly-anticipated return to the music scene to rookie groups B.A.P’s and EXO’s much-hyped debuts.

While agencies made it pretty clear that their artists were returning full force, Sohee and Seulong’s dating scandal as well as Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s ambiguous relationship left us confused.

Check out the complete list of the stars who stood out last week, for good and for bad, below.

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Big name comebacks

From Shinhwa and Big Bang to Park Jae Bum and Se7en, big name artists began revving up their engines for their impending comebacks through a slew of teasers released in various forms.

Old school boy band raised banners throughout Seoul announcing its comeback, while YG Entertainment unveiled the track list to Big Bang’s upcoming album in bits and pieces throughout the week, confirming that the group is alive and well. Park Jin Young also released a mysterious teaser for an upcoming project which was later revealed to be YG artist Se7en’s comeback single.

Meanwhile, singer Park Jae Bum channeled Zombie Boy in an eery teaser image for his upcoming album New Breed.

2. B.A.P and EXO

Amid the noise artists like Big Bang and Shinhwa have been making ahead of their comebacks, rookie groups B.A.P and EXO also aroused fans’ interest through a number of teasers.

B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment hyped up the debut of the male idol group with some bold statements, while SM Entertainment released teasers revealing EXO member Xiu Min as well as a prologue single featuring members D.O. and Baek Hyun. And, of course, what is an EXO teaser without Kai?

3. Kim Hyun Joong

The singer continued to see success overseas as his debut Japanese album Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy sold 72,000 copies on the day of its release, which is the most records any foreign artist has sold since Oricon’s daily chart was implemented.

4. Wonder Girls

Ahead of the February 2 premiere of its TV film The Wonder Girls on TeenNick, the girl group held a preview for the movie in Los Angeles on January 20, where media outlets like Access Hollywood caught up with the girls to talk about their U.S. promotions.

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Celebrity scandals

Are Sohee and Seulong dating or aren’t they? Are Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young still together or aren’t they?

Last week, when news broke that Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong were dating, we were shocked. Then we were excited (because we heart celebrity couples).

Then we were sad because JYP said the rumors weren’t true and that Sohee and Seulong are “just close colleagues.”

Then, we were hit with the news that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young had gone to splitsville—except their agencies couldn’t get their stories straight.

Alas, we were mostly confused by all of the hullabaloo, but, hey, no one ever said love would be easy.

2. MBC

After the MBC journalists association and TV reporters association’s request to overhaul the Reporting Department’s personnel was denied, the MBC labor union announced it would be going on strike on January 30. The strike will inevitably affect production and, in effect, the station’s programming.

3. Girls’ Generation

The rumors are true. The Girls’ Generation members are human beings after all. Fans of the girl group were outraged when a series of paparazzi photos, including one of Sooyoung sleeping with her mouth open and Yoona stuffing her face, were published in a Hong Kong magazine. While it’s true that the girls have seen finer days, we only wish we could look like that on our days off.

4. Idol overload on Lunar New Year Specials

There apparently is a limit to how much idol exposure viewers can handle. The Lunar New Year holiday was chock full of idol specials, and viewers were displeased with the overemphasis on idol stars on the weekend programming. Who woulda thunk?

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