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[Exclusive Interview] The Head of Park Si Hoo′s Former Agency Says He is Not Behind the Case

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2013.03.08 17:01 Mwave Lee, DongHyun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Park Si Hoo′s former agency head opened up on the claims brought up against him.

He said in an interview with enews, "The theories that I′m behind the entire incident are 2,000 percent not true. I have sufficient evidence to prove so. It is true I met with [the accuser] ′A′ and [her senior] ′B′, but that was merely to try to get both parties to reach an agreement. I feel terrible that though I did my best, putting this incident as my priority, I′ve been misunderstood to be the one behind it and I′ve even been sued."

[Exclusive Interview] The Head of Park Si Hoo′s Former Agency Says He is Not Behind the Case

Theories that you′re behind the accusations have sprung up again with the release of Kakao Talk messages from B. They show her saying, ′I′m trying to figure out how to screw [Park Si Hoo] up with his former agency.′

"This doesn′t make any sense. I never talked about such things with B. I just asked B to let me meet A so that we can talk about reaching an agreement. We met up together, and we did our best to comfort A and try to find a solution. I even met A′s father through B, and pleaded with him. I did my best, even getting A′s father and Park Si Hoo′s mother to meet each other."

The theories look more convincing because the Kakao Talk messages seem to have been sent just before A filed her lawsuit.

"The time doesn′t make sense either. I never met B before the lawsuit was filed. I was barely able to meet her the day after, at 10 p.m. How do you think I would′ve been able to meet with B and put together a scheme before the lawsuit, then? B just thought up the Kakao Talk messages. I was only thinking of how to get the issue to end more smoothly back then."

Didn′t you feel resentful toward Park Si Hoo because he left your agency?

"All emotional issues aside, any problem that comes to Park Si Hoo also harms me in my business too. Though our exclusive contract expired, we have a lot of unresolved issues in overseas business. I was the one who led those contracts, so if we hit a problem, I will have to be the one to pay compensation. Why then, do you think I would want to bring Park Si Hoo down? I needed the issue to be settled."

You have come to be sued by Park Si Hoo.

"That was terrible. Park Si Hoo and his family knows how hard I worked to get them to reach an agreement. After Park Si Hoo was sued, I was the one who first visited Seobu Police Agency to try to find a way out, and I even tried persuading A and her father. Park Si Hoo′s mother and little brother were there when I met with A′s father. I′m sad that despite all this he′s come to sue me as the mastermind behind everything."

What will you do next?

"I will have to defend myself any way I can. I have evidence that will clear me, but I didn′t release them in case they may bring harm to Park Si Hoo. Now, I will turn in all my evidence [to the police] for myself."

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