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[Goodwill] Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds

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2013.03.09 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

While we highlighted some of Korea’s well known socialtainers last week, this week we’ve decided to highlight the idols who bring social issues to light not primarily with their words, but with their actions.

Celebrities tend to have a great realm of influence, but it’s undeniable that idols are some of the most closely watched celebs in the business. So when idols go out of their way and do something other than sing, dance or entertain, the media (and the general public) notices.

Here are just a few idols who have stood out for not just their flashy moves on stage, but also their warm hearts.

[Goodwill] Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds

YG Family

As mentioned earlier, Sean (one of our featured socialtainers) has had a very apparent influence on his fellow YG Family members.

As Sean is one of the founders of the ‘10,000 Won Miracle’ project, which collects funds to benefit disabled children, the charity has been featured at Big Bang’s concerts, while Se7en and 2NE1 and other YG members have all been featured promoting the project. YG also works closely with Kiehl’s, to design and sell cosmetics, the profits of which will go towards charities.

2NE1 and Gummy also participated in a Companion charity concert in Taean on February 23. 2NE1 previously performed in another Companion concert in Vietnam in 2012.

Most recently, 2NE1, Se7en and Sean all participated in the 2013 Severance Love Share Concert, which helps collect funds to help patients in need.

But lest you think the idols are simply using their well-promoted skills to help out, the YG family members also know how to get down and dirty.

The YG family members have helped out with the charity ‘Love Coal’, and distributed coal briquettes to keep unfortunate families warm in the winter and have often personally visited patients in hospitals.

[Goodwill] Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds


The B.A.P members may be warriors on the outside, but the members are clearly sweethearts inside.

B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk made fans everywhere swoon when it was revealed that he was sponsoring a child through World Vision, an internationally recognized organization that works to alleviate poverty.

And as the leader of B.A.P, Bang Yong Guk has had a positive influence on his members, who have been actively supporting the Save the Children organization, as well as Unicef.

B.A.P also made news in January when the group decided to celebrate its one year anniversary in the best way possible - by helping others. The group donated a water pump to a village in Africa, and on top of that, chose to donate in its official fan club’s name.

B.A.P also joined 60 stars, including Secret and Kim Hyung Jun, in promoting a global warming campaign, as well as going on KBS’ Love Request to visit and support a young student, whose mother is living in Sri Lanka.

Clearly, the B.A.P boys know that it’s about spreading love, any way you can.

[Goodwill] Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds

Kim Dong Wan

Kim Dong Wan may not be considered an idol by some, but considering the fact that Shinhwa’s still going strong, we’re thinking Kim Dong Wan is one of the ultimate idols - especially when it comes to doing good.

The Shinhwa member/actor has consistently donated to various funds via KBS’ Love Request and other venues, helping out with earthquake, flood and cancer victims, just to name a few.

While on public record, he’s donated well over a hundred million won, Kim Dong Wan is known to have donated much more in private.

Most recently, Kim Dong Wan donated 30 million won to Korea’s 58 surviving comfort women, who were forced into sexual slavery during the Korean war.

The act not only helped the women financially, but also brought renewed attention to the comfort women, who have still not received a formal apology.

[Goodwill] Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds


Though its gone through its fair share of troubles, JYJ has managed to rise up as one of the most influential idol groups.

Not only has JYJ held several charity concerts, but the group is also famous for donating their paychecks, either from individual projects, or from concert tours.

The group also partnered with Elle Magazine and World Vision to create the ‘Mango Tree Project’ in 2011, which aimed to gift mango trees, symbolizing hope, to Sudanese children.

JYJ also made news when it donated 200 million won to the Thailand flood relief, helping students and schools who were affected by the devastating floods, as well as 600 million won to the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

Thanks to these hugely charitable acts, JYJ and its members have been recognized as honorary ambassadors by several major organizations, including the Good Library Project, the Nuclear Security Summit, and UNAIDS.

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