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Lee Hyun Woo Changes His Mind and Joins ‘I Am A Singer’

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2012.01.30 18:18 Mwave Oh, MiJung

As Lee Hyun Woo recently joined MBC’s I Am A Singer, many are wondering what caused him to decide to be join the competition, as he previously had doubts about participating on the show.

Earlier, in an interview with enews, Lee said, “If I received a casting offer from I Am A Singer, I’ll decide cautiously. My voice doesn’t hit high notes. And joining the competition won’t be easy as the rivalry is so fierce.”

Because his singing voice doesn′t seem to match the overall style of the show, Lee believed that participating in the show wouldn′t be a good idea.

Lee Hyun Woo Changes His Mind and Joins ‘I Am A Singer’

In reality, singers who have a wide range of voice such as Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun, and Kim Kyung Ho have been loved on I Am A Singer. Along with singers who have a high-pitched voice, those like YB band, who can seize the audience with their powerful performance, have been drawing good responses and earning high scores as well.

That’s because the rankings of the show are based on the audience members′ votes. Audience members naturally give high marks to singers who sing high-pitched songs with powerful vocals or singers who put on an exciting performance and draw fervent responses from them.

On the other hand, Jo Gyu Chan and Tei who sing rather softly dropped out of the show early on.

Lee Hyun Woo is known as a singer who sings in his own soft style, like Jo Gyu Chan, and isn′t known as a musician with explosive vocals. Even though he knew his limitation, he accepted the casting offer.

A source from the singer said, “[He accepted the offer] because he changed his mind. He hesitated to join the show because he thought the program’s format of elimination was cruel, but his willingness to show his side as a singer was stronger.”

An industry associate said, “In the early days [of the program] there were only singers who hit high notes, but he feels less burdened after singers like Jo Gyu Chan and Tei appeared on the show.”

In the past, Lee showed his positive views on the aim of the program even though he felt pressured appearing on the show. Earlier, he said, “I was so happy that singers who worked in the same period as I did were brought back into the limelight. What made singers of my time depressed was the thought that there would be no demand for our songs. But we confirmed there is a demand and musicians who can sing well can be loved by music fans through I Am A Singer.”

The production crew also persuaded Jo Gyu Chan to join the show by saying the program needs diversity. At that time, the crew highlighted singers like Jo who maintain their own style different from high-pitched voices. Even though Jo dropped out of the show after only a few performances, the production crew has not backed down from its willingness to seek out diversity. This led to the appearance of Lee Hyun Woo.

The source from Lee said, “He has been discussing with the production crew since late October on appearing on the show. To balance out the gender and genre ratio, he came to join the show now.”

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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