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‘Dream High 2’ vs ‘Flower Boy Band’

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2012.01.30 11:01 Mwave Lee, InKyung

Two new dramas based on school life targeting teens on break from school are set to begin on the same day - KBS2’s Dream High 2 and tvN’s Shut Up: Flower Boy Band will be premiering on January 30 at 10:00pm and 11:00pm, respectively.

Dream High 2 is the sequel to the hit drama Dream High, which brought Kim Soo Hyun to idol star fame, while Flower Boy Band took the baton from Cool Guys, Hot Ramen, which garnered a lot of popularity, with Jung Il Woo as the male lead.

So how will the two dramas, which are both depicting teens and music, differ?

‘Dream High 2’ vs ‘Flower Boy Band’

Jung Jin Woon-Kang So Ra vs Sung Jun- Jo Bo Ah

Dream High 2 has chosen two proven idol stars, 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon and Kang So Ra, who showcased her acting talent in the movie, Sunny, while T-ara’s Jiyeon and SISTAR’s Hyolyn will also be joining the cast.

Meanwhile, Flower Boy Band made a radical move by selecting new faces. Sung Joon from Lie To Me and Jo Bo Ah, a former participant of jTBC’s audition program Made in U, have been chosen as the leads.

Since Dream High 2 is centered on a story of nurturing idol stars, idol singers have been selected as the leading cast members. On the other hand, Flower Boy Band, which follows the story of charismatic rock-spirited band, chose actors with modeling experience.

Sung Joon is 187cm tall and has a charismatic air reminiscent of Takuya Kimura, while Jo Bo Ah, whose talent was noticed by Jung Hun Tak, representative of Sidus HQ, in Made in U, boasts outstanding looks. In her debut drama, Jo landed a coveted role, in which she′ll be loved by flower boys, making people guess she would be the next Gu Hye Sun of Boys over Flowers and Lee Chung Ah of Cool Guys, Hot Ramen.

Jung Jin Woon of Dream High 2 will show off his vocal ability and talent as a guitarist, as he′s taken on the role of Jin Yoo Jin, a teen dreaming of becoming of rock star. In the first episode, he will be showing off his musical talent in a joint street performance with rock band BandToXic.

During the shooting, the crowd gathered and cheered at his freewheeling guitar performance in the streets of Hongdae.

A rep from the production crew said, “Jin Woon likes rock music, so he enjoyed the joint performance with BandToXic, showing off his stage manner like a real rocker.”

Kang So Ra has also been working on dance and vocal training with her private teacher.

Sung Joon of Flower Boy Band will play the role of Gwon Ji Hyuk, the leader of six-member rock band and guitarist.

He said, “I’ve had deep interest in rock music since my childhood days. I like Britpop like Coldplay’s music. I’m not good at playing instruments but I’m undergoing hard training.”

Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah will show her presence as a muse, not as a musician. She′ll be playing the role of Im Soo Ah, a girl who is loved by the band’s vocalist Lee Min Ki and Sung Joon.

The character, who is reduced to being the head of a poor family, forced to live in a rooftop house, from being the daughter of a wealthy family, retains her high spirits, despite continuing to attend her high school, which is filled with students from wealthy families.

‘Dream High 2’ vs ‘Flower Boy Band’

Jin Woon, Kang So Ra, Sung Joon, and Jo Bo Ah (Clockwise from top left)

Dormitory Romance vs Rooftop Romance

The two dramas are similar in that both of them follow the romance of teenagers against the backdrop of high school.

But Dream High 2 is centered on an art high school and dorm life while Flower Boy Band is about two groups with a gap between the rich and poor, at a school in Gangnam, an affluent district in Seoul.

Yet both of the dramas tell a story in which students build up friendship and love amid competition amongst rival groups. The difference is that Dream High 2 focuses on the rivalry between a group of idols and a group of rebel students, while Flower Boy Band puts its attention on the rivalry between a group of wealthy students and a group of poor students.

Since Dream High 2 is based on dorm life, a group of teachers are expected to spice up the drama. In particular, Park Jin Young and Kahi will be entangled in a romance, which will add comic relief to the drama.

On the other hand, Flower Boy Band will portray the story of wandering youngsters in a gloomy and dreamlike manner. It is likely to remind viewers of wondering teenagers’ purity and passion depicted in the 1990s hit movie, Beat.

Apparently, the two dramas will step up their popularity in the music scene as well. All songs and live performances of the two dramas will be produced as original sound track albums.

Moreover, since the two dramas are being produced by entertainment agencies, they have been drawing the interest and attention from industry associates.

Dream High is a joint product between JYP Entertainment and Key East while Flower Boy Band is planned by Park Sung Hye, former director of production division of Sidus HQ, as a part of the ‘Oh Boy Project.’

Park Sung Hye successfully launched ‘flower boy’ content through tvN’s Cool Guys, Hot Ramen and is planning to continue the ‘flower boy’ series in the future.

One interesting thing is that the two dramas are related to CJ E&M. CJ E&M participated in a joint production of Dream High while also investing in the sequel. The company is also the parent company of tvN, host of the ‘flower boy project.’

An official from CJ E&M said, “We’ll continue to release dramas based on school life targeting viewers in their teens and 20s during school vacations.”

On top of all star-studded cast members, cameos will heighten the amusement of the two dramas. Kim Soo Hyun, star of Dream High will make an surprising cameo appearance on the first part of Dream High 2 while Lee Min Ki, star of the movie Chilling Romance, will appear as a vocalist of rock band and lead the main story of first and second episodes of Flower Boy Band.

Furthermore, Kim Ye Rim from Superstar K3 will be making an acting debut by appearing as a muse.

An official from CJ E&M said, “The two dramas have something in common with each other in that both of them are based on music, but they’ll defiantly distinguish themselves in their main theme and color. We hope the two dramas that will be aired on a major TV network and a cable channel, respectively, can generate a win-win outcome. If you like Dream High 2 aired at 10:00 pm, hopefully, keep watching Flower Boy Band at 11:00 pm.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

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