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[Video] B.A.P Zelo Reads Tearful Letter to His Parents at Concert

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2013.02.28 09:51 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

As mentioned in our B.A.P concert review, B.A.P’s Zelo read a very emotional letter to his parents at the B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul 2013 concert. The footage from the concert on February 23 was posted by TS Entertainment on February 28.

The video starts off with Bang Yong Guk explaining that Zelo couldn’t thank his parents when the group won at the Melon Music Awards, so the group decided to give the maknae a chance to do so.

[Video] B.A.P Zelo Reads Tearful Letter to His Parents at Concert

As soon as he began reading off the letter, Zelo began to cry, reading that he’s traveled four hours from his hometown to Seoul in fifth grade because he wanted to learn music. He thanked his parents for letting him pursue his dreams, despite knowing that Zelo would eventually leave school.

“When I thankfully got accepted, Mom, you always bid me off at the bus terminal and went through a lot of trouble, sending me clothes and packing me food,” said Zelo. “One day, you told me to go on the bus by myself, and still young, I got angry. But I later found out through my brother that you weren’t feeling well due to stress.”

“I promised with hyung then. ‘Let’s get successful and put smiles on our parents’ faces.’”

Zelo went onto explain that family had to live separately due to circumstances and Zelo was upset, knowing that his mom was having a hard time, but still begged his mom to do things for him since he was still young.

“Now that immature Jun Hong has fulfilled his dreams of being a singer and is standing before Mom, Dad, and Hyun as B.A.P’s maknae, Zelo,” wept Zelo. “Mom and Dad. I will be a good son from now on. Twenty-year old Choi Jun Hong, with the name of B.A.P Zelo, I will be a kind and proud son.”

Check out the tear-inducing video below!

Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

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