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Park Si Hoo Says He Wants His Case to be Transferred Through a New Law Firm

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2013.02.25 10:40 Mwave An So Hyoun | Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Park Si Hoo did not turn up to answer a police summons on February 24, revealing that he had appointed a new lawyer that same day and that he wished the case to be taken over by the Gangnam Police Agency, not the Seobu Police Agency.

Police, as well as press who had been at the scene, were let down after waiting for the star to appear all day.

Park Si Hoo Says He Wants His Case to be Transferred Through a New Law Firm

In front of press who had gathered to see Park Si Hoo enter the police agency, Sergeant Park Sang Seok of the Seobu Police Agency said, "We just heard 10 minutes ago from Park Si Hoo that he will not be making an appearance, and his junior ′K′ [also accused in the case,] will also not be coming in."

"[Park Si Hoo] did not specify exactly why he cannot answer the summons," he added.

Following the confusion, Park Si Hoo′s party stated through his new law firm Purme, "Mr. Park Si Hoo has appointed the law firm Purme as his new attorney this afternoon (February 24). We decided it would be more appropriate for the case to be transferred to the Gangnam Police Agency according to the rules regarding the entrustment of investigations. We turned in a request of transferral to Seobu Police Agency today."

Purme added, "This is why Mr. Park Si Hoo could not be questioned this time."

The leading law firm formerly reported to be taking over the case had been replaced by Purme following a resignation.

Purme then issued a press release the next day on February 25, criticizing the Seobu Police Agency for its procedures and revealing exactly why it wanted the case to be transferred to the Gangnam Police Agency.

"Details on the accusations against Park Si Hoo have been relayed to the press as if the incident was being subject to a live broadcast, and we have found other problems in the investigation process. On February 19 police had announced that Mr. Park Si Hoo had postponed a summons randomly, but the truth is that Mr. Park Si Hoo never received a direct summons from police," it said.

It then added, "The disclosure of such accusations to the press is a violation of the right to be presumed innocent as well as Article 198 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The publication of such criminal facts is also restricted by criminal law. Mr. Park Si Hoo decided to change his attorney in order to take a strong stance against such problems, and we have decided to demand the case be transferred to prevent any further harm that may be done to Mr. Park Si Hoo′s honor."

About how the Seobu Police Agency announced it wouldn′t accept the transfer request, Purme criticized the agency, saying that the accused is under the jurisdiction of the Gangnam Police Agency.

"We are led to think the [Seobu] police agency merely aims to show off its performance," it finished on the Seobu Police Agency′s reluctance to transfer the case.

The next date for questioning has not been fixed as of yet.

Park Si Hoo was accused for allegedly raping an aspiring celebrity, whom he was introduced to through his junior K. Park Si Hoo has asserted the sexual relations were not forced.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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