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[LOVE] Fun Celebrity Date Spots in Seoul

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2013.02.23 18:41 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

February is almost over, but we’re still very much in love with love here - so in keeping with our Theme of the Month, we’re bringing you the best date spots in Seoul.

Thanks to O’lIve’s K-Pop Tasty Road, a few dating shows, and our own experience, we know just where to go for dates - or to spot idols, whichever you love more

[LOVE] Fun Celebrity Date Spots in Seoul

Miss Lee Café

This cafe was already a hot date spot but it was made even more famous when the YongSeo couple (CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seohyun) headed there on We Got Married.

The cafe, which features old-timey lunchboxes, not only has delicious food, but also features hundreds of love letters written by the many couples who frequent the restaurant.

Head over to Miss Lee, kick back with a yummy lunch and write a love letter - if not to your date, perhaps to your idol bias - who knows if he/she may stop by and see it!

[LOVE] Fun Celebrity Date Spots in Seoul

Lotte World

This amusement park may be nothing compared to the huge amusement parks outside of Korea, but there’s something incredibly sentimental and sweet about Lotte World. While children, obviously, love the park, couples seem to love it even more.

It’s made appearances in several dramas and shows, and idols including Girls’ Generation (SNSD) have mentioned sneaking out of their dorms to visit the park.

Downside? It’s incredibly open (half the park is inside, half is outside), so celebrities visiting tend to cover up and hide out.

Upside? The park holds concerts and, as mentioned before, is the home to many shoots - so if you’re lucky, you could catch the filming of a currently airing show.

Also a tip for foreigners - take your passport when you buy tickets, and you’ll get a hefty discount!

Hong Seok Cheon’s Restaurants

Entertainer Hong Seok Cheon owns a series of restaurants in Itaewon, including My Thai, My China and My Chelsea. All are hip spots, thanks to its star owner, but they’re also popular date spots for celebrities, since Hong Seok Cheon keeps things nice and private for his celeb guests.

But don’t worry - the celebrities come out just to chill too, so you may spot some of Hong Seok Cheon’s close friends, which include the JYJ members.

[LOVE] Fun Celebrity Date Spots in Seoul

Banpo Bridge (Han River)

Ah, the Han River. The huge river that cuts through Seoul has been featured in practically every drama and movie made - and while it’s been shown primarily as the spot to go after couples break up, it’s also a hit spot to make dramatic expressions of love.

Be warned - there’s not much to eat on the bank of the river, which means your meal might consist of cup ramen or chicken, but there’s something sweet about all the couples bonding over their sad picnics. Plus at the Banpo Bridge, there are fountain shows during the day and light shows during the night.

But ladies, if a guy takes you there, waits for the light show and says this is all for you? Run away. Run away quickly.

[LOVE] Fun Celebrity Date Spots in Seoul

...All of Korea


While the aforementioned spots are great places for dates (and idol stalking), we promise you we′re being dead serious when we say couples really are everywhere in Korea.

So if you’re in love and want to be surrounded by romance, pretty much anywhere in Seoul will do.

As for idols? Also everywhere.

Stay north of the Han River (Gangbuk) during the day, as most broadcasting companies, as well as some agencies, are in those neighborhoods, and south of the Han (Gangnam) at night (because, as we’ve all learned, there’s no better way to play than to do it Gangnam Style.

Photo credit: MBC, SBS, O′live, visitkorea.net, aroundseoul.com

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