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‘Flower Boy Band’ Boasts Cast Full of New Faces

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2012.01.25 18:10 Mwave Lee, InKyung

Flower boys and muses will be taking over your TV come January 30. Sung Joon, Infinite’s L, Mate’s Lee Hyun Jae, Superstar K contestants Kim Min Suk and Kim Ye Rim, and Jo Bo Ah will be coming to their viewers in tvN’s new drama Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.

‘Flower Boy Band’ Boasts Cast Full of New Faces

All of the cast members, excluding Kim Ye Rim, attended the press conference for Flower Boy Band held in Seoul on January 25 to show their determination and passion.

While the main channels and general service channels are fighting to get top celebrities or idols for their cast, Flower Boy Band revealed that it would blow some fresh wind into the scene by using new faces.

The member that is gathering the most interest is the main female member, Jo Bo Ah. The drama is her debut piece, and she’s a real rookie, which means that no one really knows who she is.

Currently, she’s competing in jTBC’s audition program Made in U, but she decided to leave the program in order to star in the drama.

At the press conference, Jo Bo Ah stated, “While I was appearing in an audition program, I was cast in a drama. Next week I’ll be leaving Made in U, and I’ll be concentrating more on acting starting with Flower Boy Band.”

An official of the drama said, “Jo Bo Ah could’ve won a lot of prize money if she had won Made in U, but she chose to appear in Flower Boy Band. She’s a super rookie that can surpass the fame of Gu Hye Sun of Boys over Flowers and Lee Chung Ah of Cool Guys, Hot Ramen.”

Jo Bo Ah took on the role of the high school student Im Soo Ah, who is the head of her household and is loved by the leader of the band Easy on the Eyes, Sung Joon, and the leader of the band Strawberry Fields, Jung Ui Chul.

Jung Ui Chul said about Jo Bo Ah, “I saw her for the first time at the photo shoot for the poster, and she was really pretty. How she is on set and how she is in real life are different, but I think she’s more attractive on set. Since she’s so pretty, I’ll act with honest emotions.” Sung Joon also added, “Bo Ah is a pretty girl like a deer.”

Kim Min Suk, who continued the flower boy line in Superstar K which started with Kang Seung Yoon, is also a much anticipated figure.

He speaks with a strong Busan dialect, but he has a killer smile with eyes that smile along, and is the youngest member of Easy on the Eyes as the keyboardist Seo Kyung Jong. He will be forming a love line with another Superstar K contestant, Kim Ye Rim.

About his being compared with Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Min Suk showed he wanted to be careful about the issue, but said with his cute smile, “I’m confident I’ll be showing you good things.”

Kim Min Suk added, “When I was little, my nickname was ‘the way home’. I was named that after my friends watched the movie [with that title] starring the young Yoo Seung Ho. They thought it was similar to me and my causing mischief for my grandmother while I was living with her, and I was a bit sad about it when I was little. Now, I feel good about it because Yoo Seung Ho is growing up to be a skilled and good-looking actor. Although Yoo Seung Ho is younger than me, I’ll work hard so that I can be an actor that can be just as good as him.”

Yoo Min Kyu, who debuted through tvN’s Oh! Boy, will be the playboy bassist Kim Ha Jin in Flower Boy Band and will steal many women’s hearts.

With his big and pure eyes which are one of his many charms, he said, “I liked Lee Min Ki when I was active as a model, and I’m honored and happy I’ll be acting in the same piece with him this time.”

‘Flower Boy Band’ Boasts Cast Full of New Faces

Flower Boy Band will be centered on how the six members of the rock band Easy on the Eyes, who used to live in the only poor hillside village in Gangnam, are forced to transfer to the best school in Gangnam, Jeong Sang High School, due to a reorganization of school districts. The five new faces will be accompanied by Lee Min Ki as a vocalist in the first two episodes to leave a big impression.

Director Lee Kwon said about the drama, “Korean teenagers dream a lot about being in culture and the arts, but they’re living in an environment that makes it hard for them to realize those dreams. I tried to concentrate on the dreams and growth of these teenagers. I also tried to leave out fantasy elements such as love stories involving rich boys. It’s a teen drama that tries to be rooted in reality.”

Flower Boy Band will air its first episode on January 30.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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