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[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

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2012.01.23 08:35 Mwave Nancy Lee

Valentine’s Day may still be weeks away, but when did Korea ever need an excuse to celebrate love (read: remind us how much it sucks to be single)?

MBC, the home of popular reality program We Got Married, will be airing a special dating edition of the show called Pit-a-Pat Shake over the Lunar New Year holiday on January 24.

After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyolyn, Secret’s Han Sun Hwa and Kara’s Han Seung Yeon are the four female guests who have been confirmed for the dating special, while single-and-ready-to-mingle comedian Park Hwi Soon, actor Lee Tae Sung, Super Junior’s Sungmin and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon are the male guests who will appear on the show and attempt to walk away not so single.

So in light of the upcoming show and the possible birth of more celebrity couples, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite make-believe couples that we wish would just hurry up and date in real life.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

Gary and Song Ji Hyo

Nicknamed the ‘Monday Couple,’ LeeSsang’s Gary and actress Song Ji Hyo of SBS’ Running Man are the ‘It’ couple of the moment, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who want the two lovebirds to take the relationship off screen.

The couple appears to be taking baby steps, however, as the actress recently made a surprise appearance at LeeSsang’s concert in December, where Gary laced her hand with a special gift.

They can even cross taking wedding photos off of their list because fans have got them covered. Having received the fans’ blessing, we think they’ll be heading down the aisle in no time.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona

The singer and MC has already made it known on various entertainment programs, from Strong Heart to 1 Night, 2 Days, that the leggy Girls’ Generation member is his ideal girl.

Known for their boy-next-door, girl-next-door images, they certainly make a pretty couple, Lee is definitely interested, so we say: Go for it, Yoona!

Jessica and Taecyeon

Taecyeon and Jessica are like fire and ice, literally. The 2PM member is so hot he can barely keep his clothes on, while Girls’ Generation’s representative Ice Princess brings the boys out with her cool and coy personality. But you know how the story goes: Opposites attract.

They’ve been snapped in paparazzi photos together on numerous occasions, leading many to wonder if the two really are an item. Although Jessica insists that Taecyeon is just a friend, we’re not quite convinced. All we know for sure is that if Jessica and Taecyeon ever get married, it’ll be the idol wedding of the century. And can you imagine how good looking their kids will be?

Check out the segment from a recent broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News to see how the dating rumors began.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

G-Dragon and Sohee

Oh wait, we lied. Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and Wonder Girls’ Sohee could easily give Jessica and Taecyeon a run for their money as the idol couple of the century—should they actually date.

We don’t know about you all, but we quite miss the days when Big Bang’s and the Wonder Girls’ promotion cycles overlapped because that meant we got cute collaboration performances. And when G-Dragon and Sohee would get paired together (anyone ever wonder why? hmm?), their adorably awkward interactions pretty much made our lives. Fans even deemed them the ′Heedragon′ couple, which is a slightly weird name if you ask us, but weird seems to work for this couple.

The two idol stars are also the most stylish members of their respective groups as G-Dragon and Sohee are unafraid to take risks when it comes to fashion. Match made in heaven, if you ask us.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

IU and Taeyang

G-Dragon isn’t the only Big Bang member with game. Singer IU, who was going around for a while saying Taeyang was her ideal boy, had the chance to perform I Need a Girl with her crush on the now-defunct variety program Heroes. She even planted a kiss on the shy singer’s cheek in front of a crowd of screaming fans and then proceeded to make all the uncles in Korea fall in love with her with her subsequent spazz out.

IU may be a little young, but we think the bold singer would be the perfect match for Taeyang, who says he’s never had a girlfriend. Although we’re not sure what Taeyang would make of the fact that IU recently revealed she doesn’t like men who are “too handsome.” Maybe that means generically handsome?

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

Gain and Jo Kwon

These two are the most real fake couple on our list. So, basically, they should just date for real.

Gain kept Jo Kwon on a tight leash when they were a married couple on We Got Married. Good thing Jo Kwon didn’t seem to mind. The Adam Couple even released song We Fell in Love together and still remain close, often teasing fans with self-photos they’ve taken together. Who knows—maybe they are dating. We have a hard time telling sometimes.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

Jung Ryeo Won and Uhm Tae Woong

Here’s another (not quite real) couple we’re wholeheartedly rooting for.

Not only did the two star in new film Neverending Story together, Uhm Tae Woong actually said—his words, not ours— “I’ll marry Jung Ryeo Won if our film sells 2.5 million tickets.” If that’s not a proposal, we’re not sure what is.

Still, Uhm may need to come up with a Plan B, as the film, unfortunately, isn’t’ doing as well as he’d hoped for, but, hey, is this not the perfect opportunity for the two to run into each others’ arms for comfort?

We’re not ones to rush couples down the aisle if they’re not ready for marriage, but we think it’s time for Uhm to take the plunge.

[Poll] Couples That Make us Go Pit-a-Pat

Jang Keun Suk and Kim Yuna

He’s the Prince of Asia, and she’s an actual Ice Princess (sorry Jessica), which makes them hallyu royalty. They’ve also been at the center of a dating scandal, which is essentially a rite of passage for celebrity couples. Kim said the scandal made her feel uncomfortable (ouch), but Jang, who said he never met the figure skater, appeared to be flattered when the topic came up on Knee Drop Guru.

What’s better than an idol couple? A powerhouse hallyu couple. If Jang and Kim got married, we’re pretty sure they could run the world.

Which fake or rumored celeb couples would you like to see become official? Leave your two cents in the comments section below or take a vote in our poll, just to the right!

Photo credit: Gary′s Twitter, SBS. MBC, InStyle

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