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Actresses in Their 40s Strike Back

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2012.01.19 17:17 Mwave Lee, InKyung

The age in which women had to retire after marriage is over. Many actresses who are becoming even more successful after marriage and more beautiful as they age are hitting the small screen.

The three most well-known of these examples are Lee Seung Yeon, Hwang Shin Hye and Lee Hye Young.

Despite the fact that they’re in their 40s, they’re flying high not only as actresses, but also as variety show hosts with their beautiful looks and trendy styles. They’re looked up to by housewives, college students and career women as the epitome of how women should age.

Actresses in Their 40s Strike Back

First, Lee Seung Yeon is being called the ‘Oprah Winfrey of Korea’, acting as a role model for housewives. Currently she is hosting Lee Seung Yeon and the 100 Women on Storyon, and will soon be the host of tvN’s Super Diva 2012, a Superstar K which brings in a lot of housewife viewers.

On Lee Seung Yeon and the 100 Women, Lee often voices her honest feelings as a housewife, making her 100 member audience cry and laugh along with her. She tries out the ‘baby face washing method’ and cover her face with foam to reveal her bare face, while at other times she lends out helping hands after shedding tears at the story of how a couple didn’t get to have a wedding because of their difficult circumstances.

In Super Diva 2012, she plans to come up with bright ideas to transform ordinary housewives into beautiful and skilled divas.

The producers stated, “Lee Seung Yeon is talented in knowing what exactly the housewives want, and she’s never shaken up by live broadcasts. We expect her to use her talent and the experience she gathered during her 20 year career to lead the show.”

Hwang Shin Hye is also gathering much popularity. Although she has less experience in talk shows or variety compared to Lee Seung Yeon, she’s proved that even though she’s a latecomer to the world of variety hosts, she can pull the role off perfectly.

She’s currently the host of Storyon’s Let Me In, a makeover program that changes the lives of women who suffer because of their looks. The program helps them overcome their weaknesses by using various methods from strict diets to jaw realignment surgery.

Hwang is in charge of the ‘after-service’, in which she doesn’t hold back on the advice she has to give. She delivers self-made pumpkin porridge to the participants, and cries along while she listens to the story of a woman who thought she looked ugly. Viewers are sending in their compliments, most of them saying that the program helps them rediscover Hwang’s personality, because she always had a cold and curt image.

Actresses in Their 40s Strike Back

Lee Hye Young is another who′s made a big comeback - this time, as a fashionista. Lee made issues last year for holding her wedding ceremony in Hawaii, and although she received many love calls to act in dramas, she chose to meet her viewers with something she’s good at: fashion.

She’s currently hosting TV Chosun’s Woman &, which aired its first episode on January 16, and made issues with her generosity when she gave to a member of her audience the evening dress she wore for her wedding in Hawaii.

A rep from Lee’s agency stated, “Although the dress meant a lot to her and was full of a lot of precious memories, she didn’t hesitate in giving it away because like the saying goes, happiness grows the more you share it, and she wanted to share the happiness she felt in her wedding to her audience.”

She also surprised the staff by giving a member of her audience the pearl necklace she was wearing while she was presenting an example of the perfect wedding guest styles.

“When actresses come back onscreen after getting married and having kids, they become more easygoing and humane because they’ve gone through more compared to when they were single. When, instead of just sticking to acting, they tell their viewers about the knowledge and experiences they picked up in showbiz, they also learn many things in return and feel that it’s rewarding," said an official from Lee’s agency.

"The viewers are probably showing more interest because they’re talking about the diets and things they do after they give birth to their babies to keep up their beauty, information that only seemed accessible to actresses.”

“Unlike the past, because women are continuing to be socially active and are taking care of themselves, women in their 40s don’t feel to be that old now,” the official added. “That’s probably why the careers of actresses are becoming more long-lived, starting with their prime in their 20s and 30s and continuing on to their 40s. When Lee Hye Young was working with [the lingerie brand] Missing Dorothy, she received great support from teenagers and people in their 20s, and even now she’s modeling for a cosmetics brand that mostly women in their 20s use. For her acting career, she’s also receiving as many love calls as she did when she was in her 30s. She’s met a new heyday as a woman and as an actress after her marriage.”

Photo credit: CJ E&M, TV Chosun
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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