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Controversy Surrounding ′The Laws of the Jungle′ Continues to Flare

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2013.02.12 15:21 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle, a show loved for its hard core reality survivor theme, has recently arrived at a sticky jungle of its own.

It all started when Park Bo Young′s agency rep left a post on his Facebook page on February 7. The claims stated in the post have spread across the web into a full-fledged probing into the credibility of the show.

Many netizens have dug up evidence that the show has exaggerated its situation a bit too much.

On the other hand, fans of the show have risen to defend it, saying that television shows may exaggerate to some degree to make its subject matter more interesting. The producers have also released official stances warning against stretching the show′s meaning.

Controversy Surrounding ′The Laws of the Jungle′ Continues to Flare

Many netizens seem to have concluded that the evidence posted on the internet are convicing and true. Some have even gone so far as to call the show a ′fraud′.

According to the evidence, the Millennium Cave that the members struggled through are actually ordinary tourist attractions in Vanuatu, and the local natives that they met are so familiar with civilization that they go shopping at supermarkets, contrary to how the show portrayed them.

The other tribes and Waorani that appeared in the show were also revealed to accept tourist visits, when the show had stated it was the first outsider to visit their villages.

The Yasur Mountain that the members climbed so desperately for four hours even turned out to have a track that makes it easier for tourists to climb.

The Laws of the Jungle was a show that had top celebrities appeal with the kind of sincerity that only shows in life-threatening situations; this had led viewers to be even more disappointed at the new facts.

One netizen commented while posting more evidence of fabrication, "It′s hard just to be short on food and water to wash in while traveling a foreign country; I don′t know why they chose to exaggerate so much. I′m worried the exaggeration of the producers will undermine the significance of [ZE:A] Kwang Hee′s abandonment, Ryu Dam′s dehydration and the collapse of [Kim] Byung Man."

Many others have leapt to defend the producers and the program, saying that some dramatic exaggerations are inevitable as it is a variety show.

They also asserted that there′s no need to include the fact that the tribes know how to get along with civilization.

One netizen commented, "You can′t conclude everything was fabricated based on just a few facts when you haven′t even traveled there yourself. It is true that the members and the producers suffered, so you can′t really say the show wasn′t real."

Controversy Surrounding ′The Laws of the Jungle′ Continues to Flare

The producers stated through press releases on February 11 about the controversy, "Our program is a real variety show, which visits the remote areas that have managed to preserve the aboriginality of the area and its natural environment. Through the visits, we look back on ourselves and learn more from the pure humans and sights of nature we see on the way. The main aim of the show is to revive the healthy aboriginality inside of us by attempting to survive in an environment completely different from the civilization we live in now. We believe we have followed such aims faithfully."

Despite the official releases, the controversy still rages on. Whether The Laws of the Jungle will be able to regain the great reputation it enjoyed is yet to be seen.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Man, Online community

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