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Stars Express Shock and Sorrow at News of Ulala Session Im Youn Taek′s Passing

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2013.02.12 12:11 Mwave Erika Kim | Grace Danbi Hong

Stars left words of condolence all night following news of Ulala Session Im Youn Taek′s passing, showing how much the singer would be missed.

Im Youn Taek, leader of the winning team of Superstar K3, passed away on February 11, the last day of the Lunar New Year holidays.

Stars Express Shock and Sorrow at News of Ulala Session Im Youn Taek′s Passing

Fellow Superstar K contestants, others who had met him and even those who hadn′t expressed their sorrow through Twitter.

Former Superstar K judge Yoon Jong Shin, who had been with the show when Ulala Session had competed, tweeted, "Youn Taek, I′ve never been able to give anything to you or to Ulala Session; I′ve only received. I haven′t been able to keep in touch these days, but I thank you. Goodbye."

Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak tweeted, "God will look over Im Youn Taek hyungnim (big brother) in a world with no pain. Rest in peace," while Superstar K4′s Yoo Seung Woo also tweeted, "This is such a sad night. Please, let′s not say we can′t, or we won′t, but live positively and kindly, working hard like him."

Even more expressions of sorrow followed.

2AM′s Jo Kwon: "I′ll never forget the passion you showed onstage. Rest in peace."

2AM′s Lim Seulong: "I′ve never met him even in passing and I don′t know him well, but I′m so sad at the news. I′ll never forget the energy you showed onstage. Rest in peace."

Epik High′s Tablo: "Rest in peace. I hope Mr. Im Youn Taek′s family and those who were like family gather heart."

Kim Kwang Jin: "Ulala Session′s Im Youn Taek has passed away. He′s lived a life that burned bright."

Supreme Team′s Simon D: "Leader Im. I hope you′ll dance and sing as much as you want to in heaven."

YB′s Yoon Do Hyun: "Im Youn Taek′s life in itself was a bigger hope than any song in the world could be. Thank you. Rest in peace."

Stars Express Shock and Sorrow at News of Ulala Session Im Youn Taek′s Passing

Song Baek Kyung: "I hope Youn Taek smiles brightly in heaven like he does in this photo. Rest in peace."

Tiger JK: "Rest in peace," "A hero on stage."

Jun Hyun Moo: "Ulala Session′s big brother Youn Taek has passed away. [Park] Seung Il, who contacted me, and the other members are all going through hard times. Please pray for the late Im Youn Taek, who lived this world for such a short time, with me. I′m shocked, and my heart breaks."

Cultwo′s Jung Chan Woo: "Ulala′s Youn Taek has passed away. It hasn′t been long since we had soju with friends at Seogang Ggeopttaegi. I pray for the colleague and junior who always gave his best onstage. Youn Taek, I hope you really rest in peace."

Sean: "I′ve never met leader Im Youn Taek in person. I heard from a close senior that he is very sick, and I was about to visit him, pray with him and talk with him in a few days... but I was late. The people I need to meet and the things I need to do today... You′ve worked hard leader Im Youn Taek. Rest in peace."

Big Bang Taeyang′s big brother Dong Hyun Bae: "I remember when I couldn′t hide my excitement after watching Mr. Im Youn Taek perform. I can′t hide my sorrow at the news I′ve heard now. Rest in peace. I pray you′ll sing joyful music in heaven."

Park Ji Bin: "He would′ve had a hard time fighting his stomach cancer, but my heart breaks at how would′ve had to fight against so many malicious comments and rumors also. I′ll never forget. Rest in peace."

Song Baek Kyung, Kim Jong Seo, Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Soo Ro, Son Dambi, Haha and Byul, Solbi, Isak, Dynamic Duo′s Gaeko, Lee Si Eon, Ko Kyung Pyo and many more also sent their condolences through Twitter, while others even visited the wake.

Im Youn Taek′s own last tweet on January 3 has also been drawing sorrow.

"Ri Dan′s mother suddenly asked what day January 14 is, and I answered right away that it′s the 100th day since Ri Dan was born; she looked surprised. What was she thinking... T_T I′m a kind and careful father...T_T I′ve already picked out about three locations we can hold our meeting too~!!!"

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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