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Kim Min Hee, The Cherry Blossom Girl

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2013.02.11 19:00 Mwave 1st Look Magazine Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Min Hee has recently burst into bloom, armed with her title of ′style icon′ and her newfound status as an actress and ordinary woman.

We came to meet this actress, who was as beautiful as a flower with her mysterious eyes and bouncy tone.

Kim Min Hee, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Most actresses who currently wield influence in the Korean box office were formerly magazine models. Kim Min Hee, Gong Hyo Jin, Bae Doo Na, Im Soo Jung and Shin Min Ah were all active as models in the 1990s, and now they′ve become some of the most recognized names in the box office. What′s interesting is that these actresses are all also called fashion icons. Everywhere they go, whether it be events or rock festivals, the way they′re shown in official and personal pictures alike are all fashionable.

Kim Min Hee was the most special of all. She knew fashion, and appealed with her balanced lifestyle for which she expanded her stylish tastes with a dash of art. The clothes she wore, the lipstick she used, her bushy hairstyles, her fedoras, the music she listened to, the clubs she frequented and even the boyfriends she loved all took over the public and became the ′Kim Min Hee style′.

As the muse of Bean Pole Accessories, Kim Min Hee again managed to shine. In a feminine red one-piece dress, she was like a flower. Clothes that seemed ordinary when they were on their hangers suddenly blossomed when Kim Min Hee put them on, and when she held a bag of a simple design it seemed to scream in Kim Min Hee′s hands that this was how it was supposed to be carried.

The reason Bean Pole Accessories chose Kim Min Hee as its muse was probably because of this unique aura. Director Choi Yong Bin, the photographer of the day, was even brought to comment, "Ms. Kim Min Hee just never grows old."

Kim Min Hee, The Cherry Blossom Girl

She′s not the only actress that boasts a baby-face beauty on the big screen and small screen, but the reason she draws so much attention is because of her unique individuality. Though she piled up on the elegance expected from actresses in their 30s, she still managed to retain the naive air of a teenage girl. Her outgoing personality brought a variety of expressions to her face, leading her to mature as an actress.

This is perhaps why Kim Min Hee has been able to be active these days.

Director Byun Young Joo of Helpless said Kim Min Hee is like "a genius who doesn′t study."

Gong Hyo Jin, who starred in the film Love Fiction, which premiered around the same time as Helpless, showed she was jealous of the strong energy that Kim Min Hee gained after becoming attached to acting.

It took a long time for her to be recognized as a good actress, but recently, Kim Min Hee has managed to clear a place for herself in the minds of the public. The piece that taught Kim Min Hee that acting can be fun was screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung′s Goodbye Solo. Goodbye Solo helped Kim Min Hee realize her strengths and intelligence. As Choi Mi Ri she drew out her inner emotions and shot cute punches of jealousy at others, often sulked and at times stole looks at her boyfriend′s cellphone, but also managed to express how she knew to shed tears of sympathy.

Regardless of whether we wish to hide it or not, Kim Min Hee is an actress who draws out the extreme emotions in all of us. The reason she was able to move such strong females as screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung or director Byun Young Joo was perhaps because of her strength, which knew how to bend down at just the right places. Many pieces, like Hellcats or Moby Dick, were passed by without notice due to their failures in the box office, but we′ve finally come to recognize her through Helpless.

Kim Min Hee, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Now, she knows how to talk with her eyes, her smiles and her small movements. She managed to draw out, not a simple bright woman who hides her pains inside her, but a woman who stands tottering on a dangerous border, who can be explained without words and draws sympathy despite being the evil one. The press and public made a racket about Kim Min Hee with Helpless, calling it her rediscovery, but the acknowledgement of her feats actually started with Goodbye Solo.

She was the biggest model and the most interesting fashionista, and now, she′s one of the most anticipated actresses. It seemed her laid back way of living life made her stronger. She never imitated others′ lives; she followed what her heart had to tell her, and perfected her own style.

She′s definitely on her way to becoming not merely a fashion icon, but a lifestyle icon.

Kim Min Hee, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Contributing editor: Son Hye Young, Photographer: Choi Yong Bin

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