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[Star of the Week] SISTAR and its Amazing Variety Strength

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2013.02.10 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

One of the many things the SISTAR members are known for is their healthy image.

Their bodies aren’t made just by strict dieting or even starvation, but through constant exercise, and it’s quite obvious to see that it is true, based on what they show in variety shows.

[Star of the Week] SISTAR and its Amazing Variety Strength

Although they don’t seem to have a lot of greed in being extremely funny (yet), each SISTAR member manages to bring in laughter with their undeniable strength in every variety show they appear in.

Idol Star Athletics Championships

You can’t have Idol Star Athletics Championships without SISTAR.
Ever since it began in 2010, SISTAR has helped its team get to the top of the ranks with plenty of medals, especially when it comes to running.

All four SISTAR members proved that they are runners, getting the gold in the 100 meter dash, 100 meter hurdles, and 100 meter relays.

Even if they tripped and took a tumble, it seemed like they would always did so after they’ve crossed the finish line.

Running Man

One of the first times SISTAR appeared on SBS’ Running Man, all four members came out as special cameos, helping the Running Man cast find the next clue to their mission.

SISTAR teased the Running Man members and joyfully walked away as the show’s cast struggled with teamwork.

Although the appearance was short lived, some of the members made sure to come out later on to completely show their charms.

Shinhwa Broadcast

The SISTAR members had Shinhwa going crazy with their arrival on jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, but the heart-fluttery feelings the Shinhwa members felt looking at the young junior idols didn’t last that long, especially when Dasom brought her fierceness to the show.

Proving that she wasn’t just a weak girl with a pretty face, Dasom knocked off both Jun Jin and Andy off the beam with the strong swing of a pillow that left everyone speechless. Even her partner, Hyesung, could do nothing but watch since Dasom had it all under control.

Ever so competitive, Dasom even dared to take Kim Dong Wan on her own, which she successfully took care of.

Lesson: don’t understand the fierceness of Dasom.

Invincible Youth

Bora let her bright self shine on KBS’ Invincible Youth where she completed each task with a smile.

Even when she had to trudge through mud or fight off Kim Shin Young for a flag, that smile stayed on her face and never left even at the end of the series.

She proved that the healthy image that people get of her is true through the show, when she finished off each mission without a lot of struggle and rarely lost a game when it came to strength.

Bora is one of the reasons why we totally miss the show.

Flower Bouquet

MBC’s Flower Bouquet helped bring SISTAR’s popularity up a level when Hyolyn’s powerful vocals finally received the spotlight.

Her rendition of Beyonce’s Listen caught the viewers off guard and made them fall completely in love with Hyolyn’s voice. She was chosen by musical actors and directors on the show as the idol singer who could pass as a musical actress.

Even after many years, Hyolyn still holds the title as one of the best idol group singers out there.

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