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Yun Eun Hye Says She′s Happy with the Ending of ′I Miss You′

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2013.02.03 13:00 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The MBC drama I Miss You exited the scene with a bright happy ending on January 17. Viewers, however, were divided on whether the ending fit the general mood of the drama.

It seemed the actors of the drama were also divided the same.

Park Yoo Chun had previously said that he "thought a sad ending would have been better."

Yun Eun Hye, however, said she was leaning more toward the happy side.

Yun Eun Hye Says She′s Happy with the Ending of ′I Miss You′

In a meeting with the press held on January 31, Yun Eun Hye said she personally prefers the positive ending.

The reason was that the beginnings of the drama had touched on the heavy issue of rape.

"I think we′ll have to take into consideration how rape is a sensitive issue," she said. "I can′t help [but lean toward the happy ending] because I have to think from Soo Yeon′s point of view. People need to be healed and energized by my appearance, but if even the ending turns out to be bad it means I′ll only be showing my worst side to my viewers. Personally, I believe it′s right for Soo Yeon to have a happy ending."

The reason viewers were so against the happy ending was because of the tragic hints that had been scattered throughout the drama. They felt somewhat betrayed when they had been expecting a sad ending from all the forewarnings.

Yun Eun Hye Says She′s Happy with the Ending of ′I Miss You′

Yun Eun Hye again emphasized she didn′t have any complaints about the happy ending.

"If Soo Yeon wishes to be happy, then the two people in Soo Yeon′s life also need to stay alive. If Jung Woo had met a bad ending, then [Soo Yeon] wouldn′t have been able to think positively. The same goes for Harry. The two are precious to [Soo Yeon]; how could she be happy after losing them? That wouldn′t have made any sense."

She seemed to know that not every ending can satisfy every viewer, as she added, "I′m happy with the happy ending."

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