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Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

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2012.01.16 14:53 Mwave Nancy Lee

A New Year doesn’t just mean new rookie groups making their debut in droves, it means a new start for boy band Shinhwa, who announced its comeback last week, while idol group Super Junior continues to dominate with 2011 album Mr. Simple, winning awards and topping charts all over Asia and the Wonder Girls take on the U.S.

On the flip side, The Golden Disk Awards took a lot of heat for its decision to take the show overseas for the first time and air a recorded version of the ceremony, causing many to questions its motives for its unconventional moves.

And while teasers concerning the debut of new boy bands certainly pique fans’ interests, SM Entertainment may be wearing the fans’ patience thin by playing hard to get with information about EXO.

Check out who sizzled and who fizzled last week below.

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Shinhwa

Move over, rookies! Shinhwa announced it would be making a comeback in March with its 10th album and an Asia tour to mark the group’s 14th anniversary. Although preparations for the comeback are well underway, the group is currently waiting for member Lee Min Woo to be relieved of his military duties to kick off full-scale promotions.

2. Super Junior

We’re excited for old school boy band Shinhwa to mix things up with its comeback, but the group is up against some stiff new(er) school competition.

Hallyu boy band Super Junior has been leaving its mark all over Asia, not only picking up the Grand Prize in the Disk Category at The 26th Golden Disk Awards for recording the highest album sales in Korea but topping the 2011 Korean Music Chart in Taiwan as well.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the boys are expected to draw 100,000 fans to their upcoming Super Show 4 concert in Tokyo in May.

3. Brain

The medical drama may be set in a hospital, but it appears the vibe on set is far from sterile. Not only has Brain been recording impressive viewership ratings, thanks to great teamwork and a humble lead actor , the drama sailed smoothly into the filming for its final episode, which will air on January 17.

4. Wonder Girls

Ahead of the premiere of upcoming TeenNick film The Wonder Girls, the girl group released the music video for English track The DJ is Mine from the movie’s soundtrack.

The song from the Nick Cannon-produced film has been well-received stateside, with Billboard.com, Perez Hilton and Popdust singing their praises for the track.

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Golden Disk Awards

Big winners Super Junior and Girls’ Generation had reason to celebrate at this year’s Golden Disk Awards, but the award show itself was heavily criticized for taking the Korean ceremony overseas with no clear reason and choosing to air a recorded version of the show 10 days after the event.

2. EXO

SM Entertainment grabbed our attention when it announced the impending debut of new boy band EXO; however, the string of teasers haven’t revealed much else about the group (except that Kai is definitely a member), and fans are growing impatient.

The agency has released nine teasers so far but only five members, including new face Se Hun, out of the 11(?) have been revealed. Stop teasing us and debut already!

3. Teen Top

The boy band has found itself at the center of a controversy concerning a word in the lyrics to single Crazy. The word in question is “hell,” but fans are insisting it sounds like the slang word for that part of a man. Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

4. Whatbecomes
The man behind the witch hunt against rapper Tablo is still at large, having posted a thank you message to his growing number of supporters on January 4. It appears Whatbecomes, who has since targeted singer Park Jung Hyun and Insooni’s daughter, won’t be backing down anytime soon.

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