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[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

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2013.01.31 21:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Dok Mi and Jin Rak halt as Enrique and Seo Young’s voices get louder.

While looking somewhat unsure of himself, Enrique hugs Seo Young to comfort her.

Jin Rak eyes Dok Mi, who watches the couple intently. Just then, she meets eyes with Enrique and looks away just as she spots Tae Jun running out of the apartment, holding a coat and a pair of shoes.

Dok Mi remembers what Enrique said when he was still in her apartment.

While painting something over the crack on her ceiling, Enrique insisted that he didn’t run away after fighting with Tae Jun. He just wanted to make space for Tae Jun and Seo Young. He sincerely said he doesn’t want to be a boulder in the way of their relationship.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

As Tae Jun walks closer and closer, Dok Mi internally fights with herself before she ends up running towards Enrique to pull him away from Seo Young.

Enrique and Dok Mi stare at each other with surprised eyes. Jin Rak watches from afar, just as puzzled.

Breaking the tension, Tae Jun arrives to silently put the coat on Seo Young and slips some shoes on her feet. Tae Jun apologizes to Enrique for suddenly dropping the news on Seo Young.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

He turns to Seo Young and wishes she would hear him out until the end, but Seo Young refuses. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s leaving. Listen to the doctor, woman. Maybe there’s an important question at the end!

Enrique turns away from the strained couple and notices that Jin Rak is there, watching the entire thing unravel before his eyes. It’s then when Enrique realizes that Dok Mi is still grabbing his arm and he quickly separates himself.

Enrique tells Seo Young and Tae Jun to stop being tiresome – Seo Young agrees, and Tae Jun takes Seo Young back to the apartment.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Not looking at her, Enrique thanks Dok Mi for preventing any misunderstandings from happening. Jin Rak casually announces that he should go home, and in a moment of panic, Enrique tries to give an explanation of what just happened, but Jin Rak doesn’t want it.

Dok Mi excuses herself to go home, when she suddenly halts in place and turns back to Enrique.

She asks if they can talk and Enrique looks at Jin Rak, whose face visibly crumbles down in disappointment.

He pouts all the way to the apartment, muttering that Dok Mi was too tired to talk to him but not Enrique.

He enters the elevator, but right before the door closes, Enrique sticks his hand out and looks back with determination. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make a fool out of himself.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Dok Mi has no intentions of having her name included in Enrique′s book and urges him to re-sign the new contract. Enrique replies that he heard from the company, but doesn’t understand why Dok Mi insists on taking her name off, since she brilliantly brought his book together. He wonders if she’s ashamed to be part of his book.

Dok Mi pauses for a moment before telling Enrique that he won’t understand, since publishing a book for him is no big deal, but for a writer, it’s different. Dok Mi doesn’t want to have her name on a book because someone was generous enough to give her the opportunity.

She uses a word the word ‘sunshim,’ which Enrique doesn’t know and takes a second to look it up, thinking it might have a negative connotation.

When he reads it means to do something kind to others, he mutters, “Oh, it’s a good meaning.”

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Jin Rak appears behind the recycle bins, spying on Enrique and Dok Mi.
Dok Mi turns to leave, but Enrique pulls her back, saying he acted without thinking, but he blames it on his empty shell character. Dok Mi flicks his hand off her arm, ending the conversation.

Before she leaves, Enrique points out that for the record, she was the one who acknowledged his presence first.

Dok Mi apologizes for calling him an empty shell and being over the top, but Enrique bickers that it’s fine, since she obviously still thinks he’s an empty shell she can’t really trust.

Isn’t that why she interfered out of her character to prevent hurting Tae Jun’s feelings? After all, he’s just an empty shelled and arrogant piece of human trash.

Anger flashes across Dok Mi’s face as she turns around to face Enrique.

“I did it because I know your real feelings. I did it because I was afraid that bigger misunderstandings might happen and it would get more complicated and impossible to clear them up.”

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Dok Mi tells Enrique to stop comforting Seo Young, because it’s no longer his job. Enrique doesn’t agree because he can’t just stand there and watch his friend cry. If there’s a misunderstanding, then they can clear it up.

“There are some knots that cannot be untied,” replies Dok Mi, speaking from experience. Enrique gets frustrated, wondering what this certain knot is. He adds that he has never been so dead curious about another person’s thoughts ever.

Jin Rak sinks behind the recycle bins, deep in thought, when suddenly his phone rings. He stumbles to get it as the ringing catches both Enrique and Dok Mi’s attention.

Not knowing how to act, Jin Rak bobbles up and down behind the bins, until he finally accepts that he’s been spotted.

Coming out, he nonchalantly answers the phone, pretending that he just came out of the apartment to answer the call. Hahaha, he is such a dork.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

As Jin Rak walks away, Enrique points to him as the person who created the keywords for Dok Mi. “Seeing how much he knows about you, he doesn’t seem to get out much either. In fact, you two are pretty similar,” says Enrique.

Dok Mi turns to leave when Enrique reminds her again that she talked to him first, so their relationship is back to normal now. He yells, “See you later” and bolts.

Still outside, Jin Rak is on the phone with the crazy editor, who asks about Spaniard that appears starting episode 4 – no, not the Spaniard, but that male bastard. Is he for real? She scoffs at Jin Rak for making such an unbelievable character who is too close to perfect. She demands that Jin Rak make the Spaniard into complete trash.

She pauses to think it over. “Although…Rapunzel would fall for him.”

Jin Rak is caught off-guard at the editor’s response and asks how that’s possible, especially when the Spaniard is going home after a month. That’s exactly why. A month is the perfect time to fall in love and do everything before leaving.

Innocent Jin Rak refuses to believe women would treat that as love.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Moving on, the editor tells Jin Rak to not let his apprentice draw any more characters. Because the background is so beautiful, the characters fade away. She hangs up the phone, as Jin Rak sadly mutters, “But…I was the one who drew the characters.”

A double whammy in one night. Poor Jin Rak.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

He doesn’t even get some alone time to sulk as Enrique finds him, squatting on the street.

As Enrique brightly greets him, Jin Rak blankly stares, replaying the editor’s words to make the Spaniard into the worst possible human trash ever. Blink, blink.

On their way home, Enrique suggests they go watch the Madrid vs Barcelona game together. Enrique can even cheer for Madrid with Jin Rak, since he’s so tired of Barcelona winning.

Jin Rak’s bothered that Enrique could root for the other team so easily depending on the situation. He hates people who are wishy washy. “Even if I have to die, I only cheer for one team. I only look towards that one team!”

Enrique misses the hint entirely, and commends Jin Rak’s loyalty towards Barcelona. There are even fans who will push their own brothers out of the way for their teams. The example doesn’t work well with Jin Rak, who gets all worked up, asking how someone can pick a sports team over family.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Enrique sighs, remembering Jin Rak’s warning that he’s going to start hating Enrique soon. He asks if it’s because Dok Mi ajumma and Jin Rak rages, telling him not to call Dok Mi an ajumma.

Enrique bursts, emphasizing Go Dok Mi-ssi and explaining that Dok Mi is just mere curiosity for him. Why does she live like that? Why can’t she step out into the world? Why is she so different from me?

Jin Rak falls silent in worry.

“I started out like that too…” Curiosity became worry, and worry became constant thoughts, which led him missing her. “So… So…Don’t even be curious about her.”

Enrique lets it sink before charging up to Jin Rak, saying he should be thankful. Enrique was the one who pulled her out of her house and even created time for Jin Rak to confess (“I didn’t confess!!).

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

In an outburst, Enrique promises not to be curious about her, but in all honesty he’s only there for a month and Jin Rak is overreacting -
Jin Rak interrupts, repeating what the editor said. “The shorter the expiration date, the more you’re interested and the more you worry. “

Enrique is appalled, asking if he’s canned food now. An empty shell, arrogant human trash canned food.

Jin Rak walks away, whispering that canned food lasts for a long time. Enrique follows him, bickering adorably with each other.

After angrily yelling good night farewells at each other, Enrique walks home with a smile on his face. He stops to remember what Dok Mi did for him tonight. He softly smiles, a little touched by her actions.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

The quiet night gets turned upside down as Dong Hoon strides into a booming club.

He hits on a girl at the bar, asking if she wants to leave with him. Outside the club, he gets the girl’s car when Jin Rak calls.

Jin Rak nags, wondering when Dong Hoon is going to do more than he’s told. He tells Dong Hoon that he’s no longer an apprentice and says they will draw the characters together.

Dong Hoon pulls up the car for the girl and her friends. They ask who Dong Hoon is and he introduces himself as a flower boy designated driver. Ah…so he’s not a conglomerate’s son.

When he brings them to their destination, the girl slips him a 50,000 won, which explains why that’s the only bill Dong Hoon had when Jin Rak paid rent.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Meanwhile, Do Hui is also getting her party on, drinking with her three minions. Her girlfriends are annoyed because Do Hui called them out, but now is sending them away because she’s suddenly on a very important mission. This can only end badly.

Back at home, Dok Mi stares at the cover of Enrique’s book before picking up Enrique’s panda hat.

To our disappointment, she doesn’t try it on out of curiosity. Instead, she turns to put it away when Do Hui’s boxes come into view.

She picks one up, remembering that her memories with Do Hui are in the box. She opens it up to find that Do Hui was telling the truth. She pulls out a picture which reads, “Cha Dol, Go Dong.”

Speak of the devil, Do Hui calls, making Dok Mi wonder if she should pick up or not.

At the bar, Do Hui downs shots, determined to win this game.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

The phone continues to ring and Dok Mi suddenly remembers Enrique telling her that a goalkeeper can’t play the game alone and hesitantly picks up.

“Go Dong, Go Dong, Go Dok Mi~”

In a fake, cutesy drunk voice, Do Hui calls out Dok Mi’s nickname from the past. She whines that she wants Dok Mi to call her by her nickname and then asks Dok Mi to come pick her up at the bar before hanging up. The bartender stares with bewilderment at the disturbing sight.

At home, Dok Mi repeats her nickname for the first in a long time. She begins to say Do Hui’s nickname, when she stops herself.

Elsewhere, the ajumma, who stole Enrique’s phone, flips through his photo gallery, revealing pictures of Enrique and Seo Young together on the computer. Who is this woman.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Meanwhile, Enrique updates his SNS, saying he lost his cellphone. He gets notifications right away, but it’s not about his recent status update.

It’s about the pictures taken with Seo Young. Netizens start to gossip about Enrique and Seo Young’s relationship as Enrique is caught off guard at where the pictures came from and the responses to them.

Just then, Tae Jun returns home alone with a glum face. Seo Young wanted to be alone so he left.

In a slightly annoyed voice, Tae Jun asks if Enrique sent him a text. When Enrique announces that he lost his phone, Tae Jun becomes alert, since he just received a text from Enrique.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Enrique looks at the text and realizes right away that the ajumma was not an ordinary ajumma, but an ajumma with a mission to wreck Enrique’s life.

Tae Jun suggest reporting it, but Enrique insists that it’s okay, since he’s not a celebrity and there’s nothing important in the phone anyways.

Cue to complete exposure to pictures of Enrique and Seo Young on the internet. Enrique tries to explain about all the pictures taken with Seo Young and quietly groans since this is definitely going to get in the way somehow. Tae Jun hopes Seo Young won’t get too affected over this.

Then out nowhere, Tae Jun announces that he’s leaving the next day instead of next month. He’ll be sending Hippo to the health clinic before he heads for the training center.

Annoyed by the sudden news, Enrique scolds Tae Jun for always deciding things on his own without discussion because it makes the people around him that much more lonelier.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Tae Jun sighs. “I’m lonely too.”

Enrique’s speechless, bickering that everyone is lonely around him.

Suddenly, ‘lonely’ triggers something in Enrique’s head and he freezes.

The text sent to Tae Jun was a group text and he begins to scream, wildly pointing towards Dok Mi’s apartment. “She’s going to think that I personally uploaded all those pictures because I still have feelings left over!”

He cries out in frustration until he bolts up.

“THE PANDA HAT!” He explains to Tae Jun, who has absolutely no idea what’s going on, that he can use the hat as an excuse to go to her house and fix the misunderstanding.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Jin Rak works on his webtoon (not wanting to draw the Spaniard’s face) when he also receives the text message. He clicks on the link and is even more confused than ever as he replays the scene from earlier that night.

Seo Young cried to Enrique, Enrique hugged her. Dok Mi pulled Enrique away, and then Tae Jun took Seo Young with him. But the biggest question is how did Dok Mi get stuck in that love square?

Before he can ponder more on it, he groans, seeing that Do Hui (saved as Cha Doo Hwee) is calling him.

On her way out – maybe to return the panda hat, Dok Mi receives the text message and opens the link to see pictures of Enrique and Seo Young. She can’t stop scrolling down the pictures, and in a random spurt of jealous (?) rage, she pulls off her scarf, not wanting to go out anymore.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Just then the doorbell rings. As if she’s been expecting it, she grabs the panda hat and opens the door without hesitation.

It’s Enrique, who greets her happily, remarking that he needs to check if he left anything. Without a word, she shoves the panda hat in his face and tries to close the door, when Enrique sticks his foot out.

He smirks, and Dok Mi glares at him….followed by a nice kick in the shin. She closes the door, and triumphantly shoots him a glare through the door.

Then suddenly….everything rewinds back to when Dok Mi was scrolling through the pictures. Just her imagination running wild.

She takes off her scarf, bitter at the photos, when the doorbell rings again.

She unconsciously walks over to the panda hat, but stops herself before she actually grabs it. She heads to the door and peeks into the peep hole.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

It’s not Enrique. Jin Rak stands in place instead.

She opens the door and Jin Rak stutters that Do Hui is super drunk. He rambles about where Do Hui is and Dok Mi probably doesn’t know. “Your friend…asked…if…if it was okay if you..and I went to…get her…?”

Enrique heads to Ocean Village but stops in his tracks. He makes up excuses for himself, saying it’s okay to go. Besides, he can’t throw away a perfectly good panda hat, right?

Dok Mi hangs her head, politely asking if Jin Rak can go get Do Hui by himself. It doesn’t seem right that Dok Mi go see her while she’s drunk. Jin Rak naturally agrees and leaves to pick up Do Hui. Dok Mi takes one final look at Jin Rak, feeling a bit bad.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Outside, Jin Rak beats himself up in a hilarious parody of Lovers in Paris.

“You idiot, why can’t you just say it? Why can’t you confidently say, ‘Dok Mi! Please go with me?’”

The beat up session ends when Jin Rak runs into an intoxicated Jung Im, who happily comments that she only lives in the building because of flower boys like him. We would too.

Jin Rak excuses himself and lets Soon Chul escort Jung Im to the building. In her adorable drunken behavior, she takes out a can of beer and hands it to Soon Chul. “Bonus!”

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Just as Jin Rak turns the corner, Enrique appears.

Standing in front of room 402. Enrique rings the doorbell once, and to his great surprise, Dok Mi answers immediately, probably expecting Jin Rak.

“Why did the door open so easily?”

Wide-eyed, Dok Mi slams the door shut just as Enrique brings up the panda hat into conversation.

As the door closes on his face, Enrique growls, knowing there was a catch to the door opening so easily.

“You’re dead now.”

Using both fingers, Enrique starts playing a symphony with the doorbell, buzzing it constantly.

The door opens a second time and results with Dok Mi throwing the panda hat at Enrique. She pushes him away, heading out somewhere. Enrique trails her like a puppy.

Jin Rak arrives at the bar, where he’s shocked to find Do Hui completely coherent and not drunk. He gets up in disappointment, still willing to escort her home out of courtesy. Do Hui takes one more shot and leaves her bottle with the bartender, who is just speechless at her charade.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

On their walk home, Do Hui grabs Jin Rak’s arm, confirming that she’s actually drunk.

“But I’m not saying this because I’m drunk. Since I saw you, Jae Won, I fell in love.”

Uh oh. Did princess just make a boo boo?

Jin Rak blankly stares into the distance – did he figure it out? – and replies that Do Hui is drunk. Nope…

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

He starts to walk away, when Do Hui grabs him by the arm. She claims that Jin Rak has helped him since she moved in and she realized that she’s not in love by herself. Before Jin Rak can explain himself, she grabs his face and goes in for the kill.


[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Jin Rak is as revolted as we are and he pulls her off of his lips, completely shocked over what happened, while Do Hui is pretty proud of herself. Jin Rak yelps, hilariously trying to rub the kiss off of his lips. He throws her bag at her and runs away.

As Dok Mi takes a nice walk, Enrique bounces behind her, asking if she received a weird text. He explains that an anti-fan stole his phone and revealed his private life to the world. He even shows her his boo-boo and Dok Mi actually looks concerned.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Enrique asks if Dok Mi thought he sent the pictures to her on purpose like a lowlife. When Dok Mi looks away without a word, Enrique freeze.

“You actually did think of me as that kind of guy.”

Before Enrique can complain anymore on the topic, they both hear someone huffing and puffing in pain from the distance.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

It’s Jin Rak, who is closely followed by Do Hui.

Jin Rak stops in his steps, shocked to be meeting the two of them there, right after that unfortunate event.

Putting on her façade, Do Hui sweetly addresses Dok Mi, while shifting closer and closer to Jin Rak. Jin Rak pulls away, completely annoyed.

He apologizes if he gave her the wrong idea, “But I like someone else.” Do Hui’s face falls as Jin Rak walks away, cutting right in between Enrique and Dok Mi while he’s at it.

When Jin Rak is out of hearing range, Do Hui bitterly asks Dok Mi if she thinks she’s the one Jin Rak loves.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

“Do you enjoy everyone finding out about your feelings and desires?” asks Dok Mi as Enrique watches. Do Hui snaps that it’s better than being deceptive. Dok Mi replies that Do Hui hasn’t changed at all and wonders when she’ll finally understand Do Hui.

Jin Rak drags his feet back home, slowly recovering from the forced kiss, when it finally hits him in the head. Do Hui addressed him as Jae Won instead of Jin Rak on not one, but multiple occasions.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Back at home, Dok Mi writes.

“For some people, love is the proud result of victory like a medal or a trophy.
For some people, love is the honest process of endlessly waiting for someone.
For that girl, love is a secret that cannot be discovered even by her own self.”

Meanwhile, Seo Young scrolls through the pictures with Enrique, and Jin Rak leaves another post-it note on Dok Mi’s milk.

Dok Mi finishes writing and looks up at the painting that Enrique drew over the crack on her ceiling. She falls deep in thought.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

The next morning, Tae Jun packs up as Enrique tries to get a hold of Seo Young, but no dice. He tries to smooth it over, saying that Seo Young must plan on annoying Tae Jun for the rest of his life or else, she would have showed up already. Tae Jun smiles.

Enrique’s attention turns to Hippo, sad that they won’t be able to see each other for awhile when Hippo leaves. Suddenly, a brilliant thought appears and Enrique smiles.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

A text arrives, waking Dok Mi up from her slumber.

She has a double take while reading the text, since it’s from Tae Jun! He asks that Dok Mi come out ot meet him.

Completely in disbelief, Dok Mi looks out the window and peers into Tae Jun’s apartment. She wonders if this is a dream, but then a second text arrives. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Almost immediately, Dok Mi leaves her apartment, but she turns back momentarily, when she notices her milk carton, which reads, “The start of a new day!” She looks at room 401 and smiles, before remember that Doctor Prince Charming awaits.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

She hurriedly arrives at the parking lot, but there is no one there. Dok Mi looks around, confused, when all of the sudden, Enrique pops out from behind the wall, scaring the bejeezus out of Dok Mi.

Laughing wildly, Enrique reminds her that he lost his cell phone, but for the record, Tae Jun was the one who sent the texts with Enrique telling him what to write. He then points out that she would have never come out if he told her to do so.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Hippo appears and Dok Mi is immediately distracted and more invested in pouring love and hugs to Hippo. She smiles beautifully and Enrique is fascinated to see her actually smiling.

Enrique wonders what they’ll do, since Tae Jun is taking Hippo away to the clinic. Dok Mi becomes saddened by the news, but tells Hippo to have a safe trip. Enrique asks if he did well for bringing Hippo over and uses the word, sunshim, praising himself for always remembering new vocabulary words.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Coming to pick up Hippo, Tae Jun joins Enrique and Dok Mi. Dok Mi shyly tells him to have a safe trip as Tae Jun returns the well-wishes. Enrique smiles, when he notices Seo Young coming their way.

With a grim face, Seo Young turns to Tae Jun to say her last farewell and Tae Jun stares at her attentively. Seo Young asks if she did all she could for Tae Jun, and he only responds with an apology.

She brushes off the apology, saying he shouldn’t say sorry in situations like this. The statement takes Enrique back to when he first arrived in Seoul and he had said the same thing when Seo Young apologized.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

Enrique turns his head to Tae Jun, asking if he knows what the meaning of ‘Sorry’ means in this situation: Seo Young is giving up on Tae Jun. Tae Jun knows.

After telling Enrique not to act up, Seo Young apologizes for bothering Tae Jun, but with no regrets. She then adds she plans on returning to Spain with Enrique.

Tae Jun turns his head away, as Enrique tells Seo Young to watch what she’s saying. But she knows what’s coming out of her mouth. She saw Enrique’s pictures and realized that after being hurt, she now knows how much pain Enrique endured.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

She pulls out two plane tickets, wishing to leave immediately.

“Let’s go together.”

Enrique freezes as he slowly glances over to Dok Mi, who watches him with a conflicted expression on her face.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead


Hrm. Sad.

Just when it seemed like Enrique and Dok Mi were opening themselves up to each other, Seo Young comes into the picture to unknowingly split them up. We’re so curious to know what Tae Jun’s deal is, since it’s pretty obvious that he does have feelings for her, but forces himself to turn the other way.

Is Enrique really the sole reason why he’s stopping himself from liking Seo Young?

Also, with Seo Young, she was pretty thoughtful in realizing how much pain Enrique was, but she missed a step and went an entire mile by announcing that she’s leaving for Spain immediately and wants Enrique to just go along with the plan. The way we see it, Tae Jun and Seo Young are perfect for each other, because both of them don’t bother to tell anyone about their plans and expect people to accept it either way.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

There was a lot of shouting and whining from Enrique in this episode, and while it could have been pretty annoying with the constant yelling, it also proved that Enrique is changing right before our eyes.

He used to take criticism with a shrug and a smile, but more and more, he is becoming frustrated with these situations and even does the name calling on his own.

We can’t count how many times he called himself human trash in this episode and we think it’s finally dawning on him that there are people out there who call him these names, and more importantly, people who care about him that also have the same thoughts.

So these little outbursts that Enrique’s been having about Jin Rak or Dok Mi misunderstanding every little issue are showing that Enrique is caring more and more of what the people who know him think about him.

He’s letting out his angst instead of keeping them inside, and it’s nice to know that the people who do know him care enough to take in all the outbursts.

[Recap: Flower Boys Next Door] Episode 8 – Dangerous Tunnel Zone Ahead

On top of that, we like that Dok Mi is starting to lose control of herself. She’s not as stern as she was on keeping herself out of other people’s businesses and she’s actually caring for her neighbors. Enrique has become a part of her life that she’s acting without thinking (ie: grabbing the panda hat before even checking if Enrique’s at the door, getting jealous at Enrique’s pictures with Seo Young) and she’s voluntarily taking walks outside on her own.

We’re like the gradual changes we’re seeing and wonder if Enrique’s leaving for Spain will do anything to make either Enrique or Dok Mi’s heart flutter a bit.

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