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Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon Officially Deny Propofol Suspicions

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2013.01.24 15:50 Mwave Lee, JinHo | Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon, who have been brought under police investigation regarding their alleged abuse of propofol, have denied the claims, saying they used the drug only for medical purposes.

Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon Officially Deny Propofol Suspicions

Lee Seung Yeon′s agency JIstory stated through press releases on January 24, "Regardless of whether the accusations are true or not, we first want to apologize that a celebrity under our care has caused such trouble."

It then went on to explain, "Lee Seung Yeon suffered a fracture in her spine in 2003 during filming, and received injections of propofol under the supervision of a doctor while treating her injury."

"The fracture lingered as a chronic disease, and she is still being treated by the doctor she first met at the time of her injury," it said. "The injury puts her under unspeakable pain whenever she has tight schedules. She never, however, received illegal doses of propofol for uses other than treatment."

It also said, "Because of the nature of her TV program, she can′t help but receive skin care, including massages from a dermatologist. She did receive injections of propofol under the supervision of a doctor while receiving skin care. This is a medical procedure, however, not an illegal act."

It finished, "We want to emphasize that she never received illegal injections of propofol for aims other than legal treatment for her spine fracture and for skin care."

Jang Mi In Ae′s agency also strongly denied the actress ever received illegal doses of the drug.

Her agency C-JeS Entertainment said, "Propofol is an intravenous anesthetic, and is used in surgeries that require general anesthesia. Jang Mi In Ae visited the hospital many times to receive procedures on her skin and body from 2006 to August 2012, and before each procedure she was put under anesthesia based on the prescriptions of a doctor."

It added that Jang Mi In Ae hadn′t even understood what the word ′propofol′ meant when she was contacted by prosecutors on the case.

It also said, "It is not true that ′Jang Mi In Ae and three or four other celebrities have been receiving illegal injections of propofol′, nor that ′[prosecution] has secured evidence and testimony that the celebrities have used the drug illegally,′" emphasizing that investigations are still underway and that no suspicions have been confirmed yet.

During questioning, Jang Mi In Ae also denied the charges, saying, "It is true that I visited the hospital to receive procedures on my skin, but they took place under anesthesia administered with the prescription of a doctor."

On why she visited not one, but two or three clinics, she answered, "It was to receive procedures for different means, as I visited such specialized institutions as skin clinics, plastic surgeons′ and body clinics. I never visited them for the propofol injections or ever received injections for means other than treatment."

Lee Seung Yeon will be summoned for a police investigation within the week.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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