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Kim Jang Hoon Sends MC Mong On Vacation to the States

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2012.01.11 18:15 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

Kim Jang Hoon revealed that he sent his hoobae MC Mong, who has gone through ordeals due to draft dodging charge, to the States, out of concern that he might make a wrong decision.

Kim posted a message with the title, ‘I sent Mong on vacation to the States,” on January 11 on his mini-homepage.

“While I was leaving a message to my precious little girl fan, who departed this life at an early age, I was thinking about this and that, I left my message to my precious little girl fan who departed this life at an early age, and thought about a grave topic, death, so I’m writing this," wrote Kim. "I sent Mong and his close friend on a trip to the States.”

Kim Jang Hoon Sends MC Mong On Vacation to the States

"I did it because I was afraid that he would die," he added. "As Mong said in an article, he was already dead, but I was afraid that he would really die. He might not have felt that he was alive, as he shut himself up in his house and studio, while receiving arrows of criticism from the public. I think he′s suffering from depression and panic attacks. It would be strange if he wasn’t.”

"Since I′ve gone through ups and downs, suddenly, I got scared for him so I sent him on a trip," he said. "A different yardstick should apply to celebrities. I think there should be something else applied to celebrities ahead of laws. Even if a celebrity was found guilty by the public’s sentiment and laws, he/she still can stand on the stage. But even if he/she is acquitted by the law, he might still be guilty if the public thinks that way.”

He continued, “If we think of it in that way, we can understand why people criticize us and I believe in the end, the public is reasonable and right. This is not about the matter of popularity and my views on my job. I always think it′s just about the facts."

"MC Mong, as a person, could have been extremely confused. Between the law and public sentiment, he might have wanted to point out he is innocent by law, but at the same time he might have thought he should join the military," said Kim. "Even though he was found innocent, he might understand why people still criticize him. So regardless of the result, he believe that he did make a mistake.”

“We searched together for methods for him to still serve in the military after his name was acquitted, but there were none. We’re still looking for some methods right now.”

“People, seeing me trying to help MC Mong, my junior singer out, and have been asking since when have I been so close to him. Honestly, before this incident, I never met privately before. I saw him during his Mnet days, and was a little indifferent toward him, because I felt that his personality changed when he started to rise to fame."

“And one day, I heard about Mong from one of my friends. He said Mong took care of people around him so well and he didn’t have much money left because he took good care of his brothers and families. Personally, I believe in taking family is the most important thing, so I was surprised and pleased to hear that. But at that time, I just thought I had some prejudice. That was all.”

“So, I started to meet him when he became involved in this scandal. Even though I took care of him, I wasn′t much help. I just went over to his house on Chuseok (Korea′s Thanksgiving) with some sashimi and had soju with him. And I have some money to spare, so I sent him off on a trip.”

“I told Mong, ′Don’t expect something from me. What power do I have? We′re the same. If people criticize you, just say, ′Yes, you′re right. I′m an idiot. I threw stones at people who loved me.’ I told him that’s only thing that we can do. And he completely agrees with me.”

“I heard that Korea has the highest suicide rate. When I hear of celebrities committing suicide, I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I think that only if there was one person to stand by their side they wouldn’t have killed themselves. There might be somebody who desperately needs our helping hands right now.”

He concluded his post with, “I’ll eat and take a shower and go to Las Vegas, and there I’ll learn and be moved. Having a vacation in the States is pleasant, but I want to go back to Korea soon.”

Photo credit: Kim Jang Hoon’s Agency, Kim Byung Kwan

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