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[Interview] Stories from Infinite H′s New Album

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2013.01.21 19:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Infinite H, the hip-hop unit from Infinite, has released its first mini album Fly High. The album, which contains a total of five tracks including its emotional hip-hop single Special Girl, shows its members Dong Woo and Hoya smearing paint on each other.

In a recent interview with enews, the Infinite H members opened up on what went on at the paint-flinging session, and also about their favorite songs from the album.

[Interview] Stories from Infinite H′s New Album

On the album photos

Dong Woo: "We came to think about many things while painting each other. We wrote our names on the walls and that gave us a sense of responsibility too. We thought we should try to paint Infinite-H in our own colors."

Hoya: "There was one rule: Don′t get paint on your face! While we were painting we started to think of ways to make the colors look better. It felt like we were on our way to making something, so later on we started to leave our handprints and autographs."

Favorite song

Dong Woo: "I like the promotional single but I′m also attached to track no. 1, Victorious Way. It′s a song in which my adlibs came so easily. It felt like we had to sing with a strong voice like we used to do [for Infinite]. I especially liked the lyrics because they were about men, and I just like songs with strong beats."

Hoya: "I Like I Can′t Tell You out of he songs other than the promotional single. The lyrics are realistic, and I could relate to them a lot. I felt so even though I had never experienced such a thing. There′s a part where I had to narrate, and Choiza hyung (big brother) told me to do whatever so I just spit out what I had, and he said my first try was the best. It was done on the spot. The melody is great too."

[Interview] Stories from Infinite H′s New Album

Memorable ′thanks to′ messages

Dong Woo: "My cold acting teacher Actor Kwak! Jung Wook, we need to be together~" - Kwak Jung Wook, who currently appears as Oh Jung Ho in the KBS2 drama School 2013, is the same age as Jang Dong Woo. Both were born in the year 1990. The two are also both signed under Woolim Entertainment.

Hoya: "Director Shin Won Ho, who found new possibilities inside of me! [Jung] Eun Ji, who listens to my troubles just like Si Won, [Eun] Ji Won hyung, who is like my real brother, [Lee] Si Eon hyung, [Seo] In Guk hyung and [Shin] So Yul hyung, no, nuna^^...Reply!"

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Fly High

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