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Dal Shabet Celebrates First Anniversary

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2012.01.09 14:04 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Dal Shabet celebrated its first anniversary with a press conference on the set of its upcoming music video.

On January 6, the Dal Shabet members announced, “Today is our first anniversary,” and added, “It seems like only yesterday that we made our debut, but it’s already [been a year]. We were moved to tears by the flower wreath that our fans sent in to the filming site.”

Dal Shabet Celebrates First Anniversary

Leader Viki said, “We’re thankful for the love of our fans. We’ll work harder to repay them. I’m also thankful toward my mother and father.”

“While last year we concentrated on trying to get our team name, Dal Shabet, be known, I hope this year will be a year in which the individual members can become known more,” Jiyul said.

The team’s youngest member Subin added, “I’m now in my last year of high school. I thought of how to spend the last days of my high school years, and now I’m spending it like this. It’s all thanks to you that I’ve had a great year. I’ll work harder,” and shouted out a big “let’s go” to finish.

On which moment was the most memorable in the year they were active, Viki chose the day they made their debut, A Young, the first day they performed overseas, Subin, the time when they lost their visas and had to stay in China, and Serri, their last broadcast of Supa Dupa Diva, about which she added, “After our last broadcast, so many emotions welled up inside me that I cried.”

Dal Shabet made issues even before its debut as a girl group produced by the hit making composer E-Tribe, and released three mini albums during the year they were active since January 6.

Thanks to non-stop promotions, the group managed to stand out as a unique group in the flood of girl groups and was even honored as the Best Female Rookie of 2011 in a Gallup poll.

The group plans to go through with a change in image to a chic and proud concept with its fourth mini album Hit U, to be released in the fourth week of January. With the album, the group aims to shed the cute and bouncy image it built for itself with its previous singles such as Supa Dupa Diva, Pink Rocket and Bling Bling.

The first single cut Hit U is a cross between hip-hop and rock, and in the music video, member Jiyul will appear as a sad woman who’s intent on getting revenge on the man who broke up with her. Director Hong Won Ki, who is famed for his sensual videos, took over production of the music video.

Photo credit: Happy Face Entertainment

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