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Who Will Win ′Infinity Challenge: I Am a Singer Too′?

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2012.01.06 18:02 Mwave Ko Hong Ju

MBC’s Infinity Challenge: I Am a Singer Too will soon be carrying on with its official competition. While viewers are looking forward to who will win and who will be ‘eliminated’, they’re also trying to divine which performance will be the better by looking at results for Infinity Challenge’s past music specials.

Infinity Challenge, which regularly holds music festival specials, showcased its Highway Music Festival in 2011.

Seven teams - Lee Juk and Yoo Jae Suk; G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo; Psy and Noh Hong Chul; Bada and Gil; 10cm and Haha; Sweet Sorrow and Jung Jun Ha; and Jung Jae Hyung and Jung Hyung Don - competed for the Grand Prize…and all teams won.

Who Will Win ′Infinity Challenge: I Am a Singer Too′?

So no help there - although the GG team (Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon) were arguably the best team.

Yoo Jae Suk won the Grand Prize in the Olympic Expressway Duet Music Festival held in 2009. He formed ′Future Liger′ with the Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae couple, and performed Let’s Dance, a combination of dance, hip-hop and Yoo′s favorite, samba.

Jun Jin and Lee Jung Hyun won the Gold Award, while the Jung Hyung Don and Epik High team won Silver and the Noh Hong Chul and No Brain team won Bronze. Although the Park Myung Soo and Jessica team didn’t win any awards with its song Naengmyeon, it enjoyed a great period of popularity after the episode aired. Jung Jun Ha and After School sang Chicken Soup, while YB and Gil collaborated with I’m Cool.

The Riverside Expressway Music Festival of 2007, which was the start of Infinity Challenge’s music festival specials, was a solo competition.

Haha won the Grand Prize at the time with his Story of a Short Boy, and even found himself performing for music shows with the addictive reggae single.

And now, I Am a Singer Too is on its way.

Gil came in first place in the midterms for his creative rearrangement of The Charms of Samba, and Yoo Jae Suk came in last (surprise?) for his performance of Hot Seagull.

Jung Jun Ha won second place for his rendition of Story of a Tall Old Bachelor, and Clown by Park Myung Soo, From a Fool to a Fool by Haha, and Promise of Love by Noh Hong Chul all won third place. Jung Hyung Don placed sixth with Chicken Soup.

Infinity Challenge, however, set the stakes higher by showing how hard the members are working for the official competition.

Yoo Jae Suk will be bringing in Song Eun Ee and Kim Suk to help, while Park Myung Soo cast the singer Kim Bum Soo and the Dong Choon Circus for a perfect stage.

Jung Hyung Don will bring in a musical team to perform Chicken Soup, while the top ballerina of the Korea National Ballet Team, Kim Ju Won, will join Jung Jun Ha for his performance.

Haha will perform with Skull, Gil will bring in fellow LeeSsang member Gary and Jung In, and Noh Hong Chul will be enjoying himself onstage with Dynamic Duo and Norazo.

The actual performances will take place on the January 7 broadcast of MBC’s Infinity Challenge.

Who do you think will win it all? Or more to the point - who do you want to win it all?

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