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Son Tae Young to Cameo in ‘Yawang’ For Husband, Kwon Sang Woo

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2013.01.10 17:19 Mwave Stewart Ho

Son Tae Young has come to the aid of her husband, Kwon Sang Woo.

On January 10, Kwon Sang Woo’s agency revealed Son Tae Young had filmed a cameo on Kwon Sang Woo’s upcoming SBS drama, Yawang.

The small cameo was suggested by Kwon Sang Woo, which Son Tae Young wholeheartedly agreed to.

In the drama, Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo) begins to work at a host bar to help pay for Da Hae (Soo Ae)’s university tuitions.

During his work there, Son Tae Young’s character comes to the host bar as a client as Ha Ryu works up a sweat dancing and singing to the karaoke machine to entertain her.

Son Tae Young to Cameo in ‘Yawang’ For Husband, Kwon Sang Woo

But Son Tae Young’s cold and stony character begins looking displeased as she finally throws a banana peel at Ha Ryu’s face saying, “Go away. You look like my husband and it′s pissing me off.”

Son Tae Young to Cameo in ‘Yawang’ For Husband, Kwon Sang Woo

Though the scene itself was short, the scene took multiple tries to perfect with Kwon Sang Woo receiving some 10 banana peels to his face over the course of the scene’s filming.

Son Tae Young didn’t show up to her scene’s filming empty handed either as she ordered in a large coffee machine for the staff and brought in fruit boxes for the staff.

Not only is Yawang Kwon Sang Woo’s first television drama role in two years, it will also be the first time fans will be able to see Son Tae Young act on television since 2009.

Son Tae Young’s cameo will air on January 15 in the drama series’ second episode.

Photo Credit: W Korea

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