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[Interview] Do Ji Han Calls ′Tower′ a Gift

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2013.01.13 17:00 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

It′s hard these days for a rookie actor that′s only aiming to act to become a success. This actor, however, appeared in two films and a drama in 2012, leaving big impressions in the eyes of his viewers.

His name is Do Ji Han, and he′s 23 years old. His name may sound unfamiliar, but his face may be, thanks to his distinctive good looks. Some call him ′the next Won Bin′, but Do Ji Han himself shook his head at the new name.

Enews met with Do Ji Han of Tower, who said he wants to be praised not for his looks, but for his acting.

[Interview] Do Ji Han Calls ′Tower′ a Gift

Can you feel how popular your film is?

"I can′t really feel it because I don′t have much personal time. Still, when I attend stage events I sometimes see fans holding signs with my name on them, and then I feel that I′ve been getting more fans. I′m very thankful, and they′re another reason I need to work harder."

You′ve acted with the skilled Sul Kyung Gu. How was it?

"He never tells me what I should do when I′m acting. His energy is just so great. When I act with him he returns my lines nicely and he gives me positive energy. He also buys me a lot of drinks. (Laugh) I was dragged out a few times when we drank together. We weren′t the only people who were close; the team itself was really tight. I could tell that everyone cared for each other."

You bared your butt and abs in the film. Did you feel any pressure?

"If it was a bed scene I would′ve felt the pressure, but because it was a cute scene I think it was nice. I could make people laugh, and I think Sun Woo′s pure character shone there. I didn′t really exercise for my abs. I just ate a lot and exercised some. I thought it wouldn′t fit my character if I was too ripped."

[Interview] Do Ji Han Calls ′Tower′ a Gift

I heard you had a hard time fighting with fire.

"Having my head hurt because of the toxic gases was bearable. What I couldn′t stand was the heat. I′m very prone to getting overheated, and it was so hard. There were many dangerous scenes but thankfully I didn′t get severely hurt."

Do you have any rolemodel actors?

"That would be Ahn Sung Ki sunbaenim (senior), whom I worked with this time. He becomes more charming with time. It feels like time doesn′t pass him, but stays with him in an embrace. I′ve always wanted to meet Son Ye Jin nuna (big sister) too. Because I′ve worked with her this time, now I don′t have any other actresses I want to act with yet. (Laugh) Tower was like a gift set to me for many reasons."

Sometimes you′re set alongside Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin. How does it feel to be praised about your good looks?

"Of course I feel great that I′m being compared with such great seniors. Still, it feels burdensome. I want to be an actor who absorbs every role thrown him, instead of an actor who′s just good looking. Since I′m an actor with distinct features I believe I′ll probably hit a ceiling someday. I′m aiming to build acting skills that will help me break through that ceiling."

What are your plans for the year?

"I want to be in many pieces. I think I′ll appear in a drama to meet more people in a short time. I′m hoping this year I′ll be able to act in a lot of pieces. I want to try out a romantic comedy. I′ve never acted with actors who are around my age, and I want to try that out."

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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