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[Interview] Girls′ Generation Dreams of Staying Together Even When They′re Not Girls Anymore

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2013.01.13 11:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) is, without a doubt, the icon of Korean girl groups, the name that anyone thinks up first when asked.

The girls first flew into the scene in 2007 with the aim to make this generation the girls′ generation, and they indeed managed to succeed. After launching its career with Into the New World, it grew to become the hottest girl group in the country with such hits as Kissing You, Genie and Gee.

[Interview] Girls′ Generation Dreams of Staying Together Even When They′re Not Girls Anymore

On January 1, New Year′s Day, the group kicked off on its new start with its fourth studio album I Got a Boy. The album was released amidst half-curiosity half-concern on whether the group would be able to live up to its name, but the group again proved the concerns were for nothing as the album rose to the top of album sales charts and online music charts.

Being at the top means that there′s nowhere else to go but down. Do the girls ever feel scared of the possibility they′ll lose their grip on the top?

Member Yuri said, "We were scared on how the changes for our new performance would be received. I believe being loved so much has its ups and downs. Thankfully, if I had been alone I would′ve had a hard time coping with the pressure, but since we′re nine people, I feel stronger. Sometimes the pressure makes me feel more determined."

Having more members to understand how they feel seemed to be the best thing of all. It is true that they feel the pressure, but thanks to their friendship they were able to last for over six years.

There is, of course, another, more down to earth driving force that helped them stay together: gossip.

Seohyun said, "When we were apart because of our solo ventures, we used to talk all day over phone messengers."

"We don′t force each other to talk, but we do try to hold conversations whenever we have time. Thanks to these efforts, the nine of us can stay close," Yuri said.

Tiffany added, "Since our conversations never break, we can always share what we say to each other. We can see which member is doing what, and what problems she′s having. That′s how we lasted all this time; we listened to each other, cared for each other and tried to understand."

The endless talks helped the group undergo such shocking transformations as the one it took up for its new song I Got a Boy.

Tiffany said about the song, "The members had different opinions after first listening to I Got a Boy. Since we couldn′t understand it, it didn′t really appeal to us from the start. We realized, however, that there′s no other song that′s so attractive as this one. We chose it to be our promotional single with the belief that the public would feel how we felt."

Yuri said, "We also felt the unfamiliarity that we never felt before as SNSD. Still, we need new challenges. Since we work hard together we feel more confident, and I started to believe that we′re going in the right direction."

As the girls continued to mention that they were together, they showed that they were evolving into a group with strong teamwork.

The group′s goals also coincide with the direction they′re going now.

[Interview] Girls′ Generation Dreams of Staying Together Even When They′re Not Girls Anymore

"We hope we′ll be able to stand under the name of SNSD as a group for over 10 years, like Shinhwa," Hyoyeon said.

The other members also agreed to Hyoyeon′s goal.

Tiffany said, "The reason we′re successful even when we′re alone is because we have a strong team named SNSD behind us. Then when we succeed in different areas, we′ll shine brighter when all nine of us are together."

SNSD seemed to be on its way to becoming yet another role model in a scene where idol groups barely last for long.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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