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Yun Hae Young’s Wedding Photos Revealed

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2011.09.05 14:07 Mwave Lee, InKyung

Actress Yun Hae Young wed Mr. Y, an ophthalmologist two years her senior, in a top secret ceremony at a wedding hall in Yeoksam-dong on September 3.

The rookie girl groups we see on TV always smile as brightly as they can. Their fans smile back, and find comfort in the way they′re always there as they always were.

Taking one step closer, however, we can see that girl group members are the same human beings that feel happiness and sadness just like us.

We took at look at the cycle of emotions that surround girl groups through an interview with the rookie group HelloVenus.

Yun Hae Young’s Wedding Photos Revealed

Yun Hae Young’s Wedding Photos Revealed

Although the face of the groom, who has been described as a handsome eye doctor who bears a striking resemblance to Clazziquai’s Alex, has been blurred out in wedding photos released by the actress’ agency, he exudes a warm and refined nature. The wedding ceremony was a private event attended by 100 family members and close friends.

Yun, who ended her first marriage after seven years in 2005 and had been concentrating on her career, married Mr. Y after dating for one year.


Rookie girl groups always have to keep broad smiles on their faces; HelloVenus also meets everyone with smiles when they′re on music programs or when they′re waiting for interviews. It makes you wonder what they look like when they′re sporting different expressions on their faces.

When asked about their happiest moment, the smiling HelloVenus members answered together that it was when they made their debut. The reactions from their fans and the moment they realized they had become more well known followed closely as happy memories.

Member Yooyoung said, "I was happiest when I made my debut. I was so happy that there were people reacting to us in the audience. I was also happy when fans came to support us at our fansignings or our performances at events. Oh! We made it near the top 10 on M Countdown and that felt great too."

Alice added, "I once got to see my relatives when I was on break, and my parents showed they were proud of me and asked everyone whether they wanted my autograph. Of course, I know we still need to work harder."

Yun Hae Young’s Wedding Photos Revealed


Girl groups are happiest when someone recognizes them, and on the other hand, are saddest when no one recognizes them even when they′re trying so hard to be recognized. They can′t help but feel resentful when staff and officials keep asking, "But who are you?" even on set.

They′re also sad when the fans they love have to suffer because of them.

"There was once a time when a performance was cancelled because traffic was so bad. We couldn′t help that it was cancelled, but we were so sorry toward the HelloCupids (HelloVenus′ official fanclub) who had gone such a long way to see us. It was summer, it was hot, and they had brought cold beverages in ice boxes for us...." said Nara.

Fans that are too young, however, sometimes are cause for fear.

Lime recalled, "One time we were attending an event, and our manager had left the van for a while. In that moment some elementary students came up to our car and started shaking it. We didn′t have any curtains on our windows, and they started shining lights into them, shouting that they would become our anti-fans if we didn′t come out or that they would leave malicious comments about us. It reminded me of a scene from a zombie movie."


There′s one moment when most rookie girl groups become hushed, and that is when they start talking about their parents. Most girl groups live in their own homes, and aren′t allowed the use of cellphones. While other girls their age see their parents every day, it′s hard for girl group members to even hear their parents′ voices. That′s why they become so somber on the subject of their mothers or fathers.

Yun Hae Young’s Wedding Photos Revealed

HelloVenus was no exception. Nara teared up while talking about how her parents had once come to see her perform in secret, and Yooara broke down while adding to her comments.

Nara said, "I wasn′t able to invite my parents to my first music show performance because of many reasons. After that, I went to Lotte World for a performance, and I saw a banner with my name on it. I was surprised because it hadn′t been long since we had debuted, but my manager handed me a letter my father had written and that was when I realized my father had come to see me."

Yooara said, "While we were performing for a music show, I caught a glimpse of my father sitting in the audience. It would have been so tiring, being among so many people, but he still came to see me...."


Girl group members first have to break through an impossible-looking competition, become trainees, debut, then try to survive through killer schedules. There are times when they′re happy, but it′s mostly tiring and sad. The reason they′re able to hold on, however, is because of the big dreams they are able to dream.

Lime and Yooyoung, the rappers of the team, got excited talking about the new rhymes they had come up with. They talked about their lessons and about their studies in lyricizing songs.

Yooyoung said, blushing, "Please don′t write the rhymes we just told you in the article. I′m still embarrassed. I′ll teach you better ones next time we meet."

They said they were happy seeing how they were approaching their dreams step by step, as they matured as singers.

Alice said, "We′re happy. We dream of becoming a hot keyword, hearing our songs everywhere we go, getting our songs into the top ranks of music charts and maybe even going overseas. We won′t give up just because it′s a little difficult when we can keep dreaming such great dreams."

Yooara said, after wiping away her tears, "We′re not just cute. We′re fierce!"

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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