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Yoo Gun Hosts Military Radio Show

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2012.01.05 11:17 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Yoo Gun is spending his army days hosting a radio show for the first time in his life.

Yoo Gun is currently serving as an officer at the Defense Media Agency (DEMA), and on January 2, began hosting the Friends FM radio program This is Friends FM Yoo Gun after Lee Dong Gun (who hosted This is Friends FM Lee Dong Gun) left the DJ spot to him.

On January 4, his third day as a radio DJ, enews met with Yoo Gun at DEMA’s radio studio while he was hosting his program with a flustered face.

Yoo said, “I’m used to living another’s life as an actor, but it feels awkward to be talking about myself. It’s so hard because it’s my first time hosting a radio show.”

Although he said it’s hard, he’s managed to get through three days without causing any mishaps or incidents. He’s even being praised for his great low-tone voice, which is said to be fitting for late-night radio shows.

Yoo Gun Hosts Military Radio Show

When the year-end ceremonies were mentioned in the broadcast, Yoo said, “Han Seok Gyu, who received the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards, is the best actor. He’s so good at acting, you can’t tell whether he’s acting or whether it’s real life.” He also added, “After I’m released, I want to receive a great award at the year-end ceremonies.”

When asked whether he got to watch the year-end ceremonies at his barracks, he answered, “Because DEMA holds celebrities from various different areas such as actors, singers and comedians, everyone’s interested in year-end ceremonies in all areas. The unit was aware of this, and let us watch the year-end ceremonies.”

After mentioning news of Jun Ji Hyun’s love relationship, Yoo commented, “The the most traditional celebrity pictures to be found stuck on the troops’ lockers is Jun Ji Hyun’s. Although she’s much older than the troops, she’s still a beloved figure.”

After wrapping up the show for that day, Yoo said, “While I was hosting the show on the evening of January 3, I heard that it would snow that night. If I wasn’t in the military, I would’ve been happy at news of snow, but now that I’m in the military, I just dreaded the thought of cleaning the snow up in the morning. Sure enough, I had to get up early in the morning on January 4 after hosting a radio until 11 p.m. on [the day before] to clean up the snow.”

“I signed a contract with a new agency before I enlisted,” Yoo mentioned about his future plans. “After my release in December, I’ll return as a good actor for my fans.”

Yoo entered the army in March 2011 and served as an ordinary officer until he was moved to DEMA on October 2011. He will be released on December 3.

Yoo, who was born in Arizona, made issues before his enlistment for giving up his American citizenship in 2001 to join the army.

Photo credit: Friends FM

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