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[Star of the Week] [Song Review] SNSD Makes Our Head Spin on ′I Got a Boy′

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2013.01.06 14:00 Mwave Erika Kim

It seemed the girls of Girls′ Generation (SNSD) were all grown up, but the proud goddesses of The Boys have come back down to earth as a gossipy ring of friends with I Got a Boy.

If you thought listening to girls gossip was dizzying, wait until you listen to this song. Not only are the lyrics as jarring as any girl talk session, the melody also goes places no one expected it to go.

[Star of the Week] [Song Review] SNSD Makes Our Head Spin on ′I Got a Boy′

SM Entertainment seems to be having fun these days mixing melodies that seem to be from completely different songs into one track. SHINee′s Sherlock was openly marketed as a ′hybrid mix,′ as it jammed the two songs Clue and Note into one, and TVXQ′s (DBSK) Catch Me also seems to follow the same course.

Though the trend may seem like a recent development, SM has actually employed the method before with S.E.S and Shinhwa. S.E.S′ Twilight Zone and Shinhwa′s I Wanna Be, which dip briefly into contrasting rhythms at specific parts, are some examples that come immediately to mind.

This tried and true trend meets the more recent ‘let’s party’ trend, which has become a rite of passage of sorts for idol groups these days, culminating in SNSD′s career in the form of I Got a Boy.

Opinions on whether the attempt was a success will vary based on taste, but the song doesn′t seem to appeal to as many people as is expected for a SNSD song. The aim of such styles is to appeal to a wider audience with its variety of melodies, so that everyone can find at least one part of the song that they like, but in I Got a Boy, the different components contrast so sharply that it seems to discourage anyone from listening to the song just for that one part that tickles their fancy.

The song is actually pretty unfriendly, as it throws a jumbled group of melodies at the listener to interpret and accept on his or her own, while its efforts to be friendly, like the short narration breaks by Tiffany and Jessica provided at the beginning of each transition, actually make the song sound a little corny.

Yoo Young Jin’s use of slang in the lyrics also makes the song sound a bit outdated despite its effort to be on trend.

It is true, though, that despite the drawbacks, the vocals of the song shine and the members manage to make something out of a song that could′ve crashed far more disastrously.

We just hope that this trend isn’t here to stay.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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