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Four Points in the Recent Ko Young Wook Case

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2013.01.04 23:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Former Roo′Ra member Ko Young Wook was again questioned by police in a molestation case, a case that comes just eight months after he was involved in an illicit sex case with a minor in May 2012.

Police, however, are having a difficult time with the case as the entertainer hasn′t been indicted for his first case, and the second case has no evidence except for the victim′s testimony, as is true for many molestation cases.

Enews has thus put together a list of the four main points in Ko Young Wook′s most recent case.

Four Points in the Recent Ko Young Wook Case

The age of the victim

Reports on the age of the victim vary. Some outlets have said the victim is currently 13 and was 12 at the time of the incident, while others say she was 13 at the time. Her age is important as punishment is more severe for crimes against those under age 13.

Enews has confirmed that the middle school student who filed her case against Ko Young Wook is currently 14 years old, making her 13 at the time of the incident. This makes her a minor by law, which is defined as teenagers between ages 13 to 18, but does not bring additional punishment to Ko Young Wook.

Additional punishment from Ko Young Wook′s previous case

Netizens have been criticizing Ko Young Wook for getting involved in an incident similar to one he was charged for just eight months ago. The important thing to note, however, is that the charges for his first case haven′t been proved. The case has been forwarded to prosecution, but no further action has been made on the case for over seven months, bringing some to believe that he may be acquitted.

As he hasn′t been sentenced for the first case, it won′t bring any additional punishment for his second case. It only proves in the eyes of the public that his crime is even more serious.

Four Points in the Recent Ko Young Wook Case

Will an agreement with the victim bring an acquittal?

In cases involving celebrities, some suspect that the accusers may be using the case merely to gain financial profit from the celebrities. There are actually some cases in which celebrities are framed because accusers in such cases believe that, since their good name is most important, the celebrities will pay a hefty sum to cover up the incident.

The Ko Young Wook case, however, is different. Charges for sex offenses can be dropped if the accuser and the accused reach an agreement, but Ko Young Wook is in violation of the Child and Youth Protection Law, meaning even though he does reach an agreement with the victim, he will not be able to avoid legal prosecution.

Did Ko Young Wook force himself on the victim?

Whether Ko Young Wook used force is a key issue, as it was in his first case. The victim has testified that Ko Young Wook introduced himself as a music producer, and that he touched her on the thighs and body after making her get in his car. Ko Young Wook has been denying the claims.

According to article 302 in criminal law, those who engage in illicit sex or molestation using force or authority against minors and those physically or mentally challenged may be sentenced to five years in prison at most. If Ko Young Wook did indeed lie about his identity or tricked the victim, he will be punished under this specific article.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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