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Park Jin Young On Wonder Girls and the American Challenge

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2012.01.02 18:33 Mwave Erika Kim

Wonder Girls was at the peak of its popularity when Park Jin Young suddenly decided to take the group on a detour to taste the American dream. In the end, the girls didn’t really become well-known in America, and they almost even lost their foothold in Korea.

Everyone knew the group could make it big safely in Korea, but Park went against all of that, making people wonder just why Park was going the hard way, the way that no one else even thought of taking yet.

On January 1, Park finally opened up on the issue in a long, frank tweet.

Park Jin Young On Wonder Girls and the American Challenge

He said, “If Wonder Girls and I hadn’t taken on the American market, JYP would’ve earned much more money; I would’ve become a billionaire and Wonder Girls would’ve been even more popular in Korea than they are now. But we left like fools to take on a nonsense mission.”

“This year, finally, the results of our long challenges will come out,” he added. “If this works, we’ll have gained results that no other agency in Asia or any other celebrity has gained before, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll have squandered our money and popularity with an oversized challenge.”

He showed he wouldn’t be shaken up by failure, however, by saying, “You ask whether I’ll regret it if it doesn’t work? We may have squandered tens of billions of won and popularity, but after crashing into and being broken up by the largest market in the world, we’ve earned hundreds of billions of won’s worth of wisdom. True wisdom only comes after crashing into and being broken up by impossible challenges.”

“I always knew of how I could gather money and popularity safely, but I always moved in the other direction. Money and popularity are like the wind; they stay with you, and soon they’re gone. But wisdom will protect me and my children as long as we live. I hope my singers grow up to be wise people rather than successful celebrities,” Park said, showing his love for his singers.

Park Jin Young On Wonder Girls and the American Challenge

He added, “I’m looking forward to what Wonder Girls will be like 20 years from now. I don’t know whether they’ll still be celebrities then, but I’m confident that thanks to the wisdom they gathered these past few years, they’ll be better than any other celebrity then.”

Park closed his long letter by asking for the support of JYP fans, saying, “Our goal for 2012 isn’t money nor fame, but wisdom. Who knows? Maybe in our pursuit money and popularity will follow. I hope you keep your eyes on us and continue to support us.”

Wise words by Park Jin Young. Only time will tell whether he was right.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, JYPE

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