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[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

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2012.12.30 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

When he’s not looking gorgeous in front of the camera as a singer or model, Choi Siwon is pouring all of his concentration in the other thing he’s really good at - acting.

Having debut a little earlier than Super Junior, Choi Siwon showed his chiseled face to the world first as an actor, and his ambitions to continue down this acting path has not dwindled ever since.

So we look through his acting projects to celebrate the acting career of Choi Siwon.

[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

18 VS 29

This was the drama that got Choi Siwon-fever going.
At just age 18, Choi Siwon shined his face onto the TV screen through KBS’ 18 VS 29 as Kang Bong Man, a shallow high school heartthrob with an embarrassing name.

Although he only played a minor role in the drama as the younger version of Ryu Soo Young’s character, Choi Siwon kept his cool and did such a good job as a cold, but secretly kind hearted boy next door that people began to wonder who he was and marveled at his good looks.

This was only the beginning of Choi Siwon the actor.

[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

Not the first time an idol group has created a movie, but Attack on the Pin-Up Boys with all the Super Junior members present stands out in our memory because it was so...weird, but in a good way.

The bizarre movie played out the story of a group of random students at a high school getting hit with, well, poop. Kim Ki Bum the detective tried to find the criminal as Choi Siwon played the pompous school president who tried his best to gain all the attention of the student body, even if it came down to faking a scenario.

Even with his arrogant character and the fact that the story didn’t revolve around him, Choi Siwon’s presence shined enough to be remembered with his great posture and overreacted gestures as always.

[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

The Legend of Hyung Dan

Based on the Korean traditional legend of Chun Hyang, Choi Siwon played the famous Lee Mong Ryong, but with a twist.

The Legend of Hyang Dan is a two-episode parody special of the original story, except that instead of Chun Hyang, Lee Mong Ryong falls in love with Chun Hyang’s servant girl.

Choi Siwon carried on the image of a nobleman’s son as he jumped into comical romance story with actress Seo Ji Hye. Although it was only two episodes, The Legend of Hyang Dan was much talked about for its witty humor as well as the mash up of different Korean legends in one.

[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

Oh! My Lady

Before he was Kang Hyun Min, Choi Siwon was Sung Min Woo in SBS’ Oh! My Lady , an equally arrogant and obnoxious actor, who had no regards for anyone except for himself.

Through a series of strange events, a 6-year old child, supposedly his daughter, and a 35-year old female manager start living in his house, and Sung Min Woo’s entire life is turned upside down as he juggles his shining career, his daughter, as well as a growing crush on his ajumma manager/nanny.

[Star of the Week] Introducing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the Actor

The King of Dramas

Currently broadcasting with great reviews despite the low ratings, SBS’ The King of Dramas marked Choi Siwon’s return to acting in Korean dramas after Poseidon in 2011.

Choi Siwon played the arrogant and dimwitted actor, Kang Hyun Min, who gets casted into a drama that would eventually change his life.

Although a bit slow, Kang Hyun Min is a simple man, whose confidence sometimes becomes a roadblock in his life. Through his new drama and the people behind the camera, Kang Hyun Min slowly starts to understand that there’s more to life than just being ridiculously good-looking.

Photo Credit: SBS, KBS, MBC, SM Pictures

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