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[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

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2012.12.28 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

“I just realized just what an important person Lee Go Eun is to me.”


Mina’s face is overcome with complete shock. Anthony apologizes and it hits her that he’s being sincere and her eyes start to fill with tears.

Anthony dashes to the hospital, but Go Eun is not there. She already discharged herself.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Go Eun enters her writing studio to find Anthony’s cellphone on the ground.
She vaguely remembers Anthony carrying her out and bringing her to the hospital.

She smiles to herself, feeling comforted that Anthony was there to keep her safe.

Just then Anthony enters the room, and even before a greeting, he asks her how she feels. She asks about the contract, and Anthony lies that it went smoothly.

A few seconds pass with the two of them just staring at each other. Anthony turns to leave when Go Eun stops him to thank him for what he did.

On his way out, Anthony twists back and admits that she was right. The hero can give up everything for the person he loves. He smiles and exits, leaving Go Eun slowly registering the fact that Anthony said she was right for once.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Sitting in the dark at the office, Anthony calmly puts all the pieces together when the phone rings. It’s the Taesan Director and he heard that Anthony’s writer was sick.

Anthony’s confused, and the Director explains that Mina explained the situation to them. Even the CEO is impressed by Anthony’s act and believes more than before that they need Anthony in their company. They decide to meet another day to finalize the contract.

Anthony breathes a sigh of relief and calls Mina, but she doesn’t answer because she’s drinking her sorrows away at the moment. Can’t blame her. She just got her heart broken by her crush.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Mina’s still distracted on the set, when Hyun Min choose this time to offer her another commercial. It’s for a pain relieving medicine, and in a span of 30 seconds of less, Hyun Min describes the plot of the commercial and brightly asks if Mina is up for it.

Run, Hyun Min, while you still can.

Mina looks up with a glare of death and tells him to listen carefully.
She has no plans to shoot a CF with Hyun Min for the rest of her life. She storms off as Hyun Min wonders what’s wrong with her now.

“Maybe because it’s a pain relieving medicine?”

On her way out, Mina runs into Anthony, who thanks her for explaining the situation well to Taesan Group.

Mina replies, saying she understands his feelings for Go Eun, since they worked pretty closely with each other, but she questions him if the feelings will remain if they’re apart again. She’ll be waiting until that day comes to hear his answer to her question.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

At the studio, Go Eun gobbles up the food her mom prepared for her sick daughter. She worries that Go Eun struggled to the hospital on her own, but Go Eun waves her hand. Someone took her.

Mom asks who and Go Eun doesn’t really answer straightforwardly. Mom starts to become suspicious that she’s gotten a boyfriend and guesses that it’s Kim Bong Dal.

Go Eun gets all loud and defensive that it’s nobody, then continues to gobble up her food, avoiding her mom’s glances.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

As Mom walks home, Anthony stops his car and greets her brightly.
He offers to give her a ride home since it’s too cold.

Still curious about this man in her daughter life, Mom asks Anthony if he also knows a Kim Bong Dal. Anthony’s eyes perk up.

Mom thinks that Go Eun’s interested in Kim Bong Dal, but she won’t tell him anything.

With a smile, Anthony starts complimenting Kim Bong Dal that he’s a really good person who excels, especially in the visual department. Mom beams right along with Anthony.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Anthony drops her off at the restaurant, even stepping out of his car to bid farewell.

As soon as the car leaves, Mom gleefully starts to wonder if something’s wrong with Anthony due to his sudden improvement of manners.

At SBC, the department heads start to talk about who should win the best acting award of the year.

Hyun Min’s name as well as Shin Ha Kyun’s name get thrown around in the pot. Woon Hyun suggests an old veteran actor, who excels in acting even though the drama did not get good ratings.

The deputy managers argue that it would be better to be realistic and pick someone who’s popular enough to bring up the ratings. Woon Hyung falls silent at the disagreement and decides to come back to it in the following week.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Cut to the drama set. It’s lunch time and Hyun Min complains about going to a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but his mood changes when he overhears some male students talking about The Morning of Gyeongseong and how Hyun Min was flying everywhere.

Hyun Min turns around to the table and gets their attention.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

The students recognize him right away and Hyun Min waves them over to give them signatures.

But instead of focusing solely on Hyun Min, the boys get distracted really easily when they see Mina walking outside with an even larger crowd of boys circling her.

The boys in the restaurant ask Hyun Min to hurry up with the signatures, and when he’s not, they just desert him to chase after Mina.

Hyun Min is left completely shocked, when the restaurant owner asks for a signature on the back of an advertisement.

She asks what his name is, and Hyun Min mutters, “Brad Pitt.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

After lunch, Hyun Min and Kwang Soo return to the set, only to find Mina still being swarmed by the teenage boys.

He growls at Kwang Soo to make sure the next lunch place is next to an all-girls school.

At Jaekuk Productions, the assistant informs Jin Wan that the end-of-the-year presents to the stations will be red ginseng. Jin Wan is outraged, saying Jaekuk is more than that and orders that they gift expensive liquor.

Likewise, Anthony is finding out that World Productions will be sending red ginseng to the stations as well. Anthony yells at Dong Suk for being out of his mind. “We don’t have money to spend on that!” Haha.

Then Anthony asks Dong Suk to bring all the resumes for the writers under World Productions, a.k.a, just Go Eun.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Folding her laundry, Go Eun is chatting with her friends, apologizing that she can’t come out to the Christmas get-together because she’ll be working hard on her drama. There’s nothing like indirectly telling your friends that you’re super successful now.

She hangs up the phone and puts away the towels, when she sees Anthony’s handkerchief in the drawer.

Go Eun looks at the calendar. Christmas is not far off.
She suddenly has a great idea and bursts into a smile.

Back in the office, Anthony is studying Go Eun’s resume, finding out all her little hobbies and skills like watching movies and carrying a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo.

He reads over her favorite movies (Love Letter) and book (In Search of Lost Time).

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

The next thing we know, Anthony is watching Love Letter on his laptop with his headphones over his ears. He gets pulled into the movie and this time, when the movie’s highlight scene appears, he drops a tear or two and quickly grabs for a tissue.

The other thing he grabs his bottle of pills to control his crying. (Didn’t he hear what the doctor said??)

Anthony continues the movie, tears dropping nonstop.

Just then he realizes that Go Eun is standing right next to him, watching in total confusion.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

They both scream, scaring the crap out of each other.
Anthony quickly shuts the laptop close and Go Eun teases Anthony for watching that kind of movie. “That thing that men watch. The really erotic kinds.”

She says it’s cool and tries to open the laptop, but Anthony pulls back and accidentally yanks the headphone piece out of the jack.

Within seconds, Go Eun recognizes the movie dialogue and checks to see if it is Love Letter.

Anthony fakes the excuse that he’s trying to learn Japanese, which Go Eun points out that he’s fluent in. “I’m trying to learn the Kobe dialect.

Go Eun peers at him, seeing right through him. On her way out, she starts to grin.

Now that Go Eun is gone, Anthony returns to finishing the movie.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

At his home, Hyun Min pets his puppy pillow as he lets out a sigh of worry. He asks when the acting award show is and Agency CEO replies that it’s not that far off.

He starts to run through a list of candidates up for the best acting awards.

A happy smile starts to gradually form - “Me…and me…and me!” Obnoxious laughter follows.

Agency CEO scoffs, reminding Hyun Min of Shin Ha Kyun, who is a strong rival.

Hyun Min decides that he needs an important scene that will make a huge impact in the drama.

Actually reading through the script, he pinpoints a scene where Mina’s characters falls to the ground bawling in tears and decides that he will do it. “The audience will eat it up!”

He tells Kwang Soo to get the van ready, when the Agency CEO mentions that Kwang Soo is busy. Hyun Min immediately gets upset that Kwang Soo is busier than the star. He wants Kwang Soo to get a pay cut for missing a day’s worth of work.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

But Kwang Soo isn’t busying playing around.

Instead, he sits at a café with Hyun Min’s new manager-to-be, because…Kwang Soo is going to the army (NOOOOO!)

Kwang Soo asks the new manager to be good to Hyun Min.

“Unlike how he comes out on TV, Hyun Min can be quite unpredictable,” explains Kwang Soo. “Hyun Min really doesn’t like reading scripts, so when he’s playing games, please read the script instead.”

Shin Seung Hoon’s I Believe starts to play as Kwang Soo parodies the famous scene from My Sassy Girl.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

As Kwang Soo lists off things that the new manager needs to know about Kwang Soo, he remembers all the things Hyun Min said to him except in Kwang Soo’s eyes, Hyun Min appeared as an angel instead of an arrogant idiot.

“Lastly, even though he might be forceful, just say he’s right. He’s a bit lacking, but he’s a good person!”

Kwang Soo gets up from his seat in tears, leaving the new manager completely confused.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Pondering how to prove her characters are in love with each other, Go Eun is knitting, when Hyun Min obnoxiously knocks at the door, screaming Go Eun’s name.

Go Eun quickly hides the knitting gear and answers the door. Hyun Min hands her a Christmas present and a plant, insisting that it’s an innocent Christmas present.

Hyun Min marvels at the shoes he bought for Go Eun, but then his expression completely changes. “Now that you’ve got the gift, let’s get down to business.”

He just can’t be trusted.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Go Eun rolls her eyes, refusing to change the scene for Hyun Min, who insists that a man’s tears are much more refreshing. Go Eun agrees, “But Mina’s acting is be-“

Hyun Min bolts up and asks what she’s about to say. Go Eun twists her words to avoid saying Mina is a better actress, but Hyun Min reminds her that this is the third time he’s asking her to change the script. She won the first two times, but the third time, he’s not going to sit still.

He then pulls off one of Go Eun’s new shoes, implying that he’ll give it to her when the script is changed.

On his way out of the office, Dong Suk mentions that he’ll be going home after stopping by to give Go Eun something. Anthony perks up and volunteers to take whatever to Go Eun.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Back at Hyun Min’s, Kwang Soo says his farewells to his actor, who finally heard where Kwang Soo was off to.

Hyun Min affectionately calls Kwang Soo’s name and puts something into his hands – a chocopie.

Hyun Min whimpers, “Just for you…. I personally went to the market and bought it,” and it’s enough to make Kwang Soo break down into tears.

They wrap each other into a hug and cry. Kwang Soo runs away and Hyun Min runs to his balcony to watch him leave. They salute each other before Kwang Soo dashes off again, leaving Hyun Min crying.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Go Eun’s bothered by Hyun Min’s demand, when Anthony comes to relay what Dong Suk had for her – a stapler.

Anthony asks how things are going with the script, and Go Eun explains the situation with Hyun Min.

The next thing we know, Anthony is having a little chit-chat with Hyun Min about the script change. Hyun Min gets excited that Anthony understands his feelings and the need for a dramatic scene that will win him the acting award.

Anthony wipes the smile off his face, asking Hyun Min if he really thinks he can really act out that scene. He goes on a rampage about how Hyun Min is idiot who doesn’t even know he acts terribly and reads lines like kindergartener.

Anthony warns him to just read the script as is. “Oh, and if you go bother Writer Lee again, I won’t let you off so easily.” Hyun Min tries to argue, but Anthony raises his voice and Hyun Min shrinks.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

On his way back, Anthony happily tells Go Eun that everything’s been taken care of and Hyun Min has agreed to going with the original script and even sent his apologies to Go Eun.

Go Eun thanks him and Anthony smiles smugly to himself.

The next day, Anthony enters the Taesan Group building to sign his contract. Together with Mina, Anthony completes the contract.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

On their way out, Anthony thanks Mina and she tells him to pay her back by making World Productions into a worldwide company, just like he did with her.

Hyun Min is introduced to his new manager, Sung Mo, and he appears quite saddened by someone replacing Kwang Soo. He informs Sung Mo that he hates people who are fake.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

He turns around towards Sung Mo, and as if all bromantic memories with Kwang Soo are lost, Hyun Min shoots Sung Mo a bright smile and says, “Call me hyung from now on!”

Now that the introductions are done and over with, Hyun Min brings up what Anthony said about his acting to the Agency CEO.

“How can he say that I’m terrible at acting? Who’s making his drama number one, right now? Am I right?”

No response, so Hyun Min forces Sung Mo to tell the truth.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Very hesitantly but with reassurance from Hyun Min, Sung Mo replies that Hyun Min is a bad actor. Hyun Min’s jaw drops.

The Agency CEO tries to laugh off the awkward situation, by saying Sung Mo must have seen Hyun Min’s rookie stuff, but Sung Mo, being completely dense or utterly honest, replies that he’s seen it all and in conclusion, Hyun Min is a bad actor.

Another nail to the heart for Hyun Min.

He picks up a papercraft figurine that resembles Kwang Soo and affectionately calls his name.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

On his way to the set, Hyun Min glares at his new manager, who wonders if Hyun Min was upset at what he said earlier. Hyun Min laughs angrily, insisting that he’s not upset, but his tone of voice says different.

Hyun Min searches himself under acting, and smiles when he sees articles of praise, but then he seems one article criticizing his acting with lots of replies agreeing to it.

Our actor is shocked again with the realization that maybe he really is bad at acting.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

At World Productions, the World Boys gather around Dong Suk, who has prepared a special Christmas present for FD Eun Jin. It’s a couple ring and the boys encourage him to man up and confess.

Anthony makes his way and the boys explain to him what’s going on. Dong Suk immediately apologizes for not keeping his private life out of work, but Anthony is surprisingly forgiving this time.

He asks what the gift is, and after seeing the couple ring, Anthony pulls Dong Suk to the side and asks where one can buy those kinds of things.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

The next thing you know, we’re at a jewelry shop with Anthony looking closely at couple rings. The jeweler asks if it’s for his girlfriend, but Anthony lies and says it’s for his nephew and his girlfriend.

The jeweler’s confused, but she catches on to his lie, when Anthony says his nephew’s finger size is the same as his. “Because we’re family.”

When asked about his nephew’s girlfriend’s size, Anthony guesses his pinky size and the jeweler laughs, telling Anthony to call Go Eun and get the right size.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Meanwhile, Go Eun finishes off her yellow scarf, which she initialed with K.B.D for Kim Bong Dal. She laughs to herself.

Proud of his purchase, Anthony reminds Go Eun about the contract signing and suggests they meet up on Christmas Eve of all days. Go Eun replies that she’ll choose the place and the two make a date.

After he hangs up, Anthony gets another call from the hospital. His eye exam results are out.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

On the drama set, Director Goo tells the staff to do well and wrap things up early for Christmas Eve.

Dong Suk searches for FD Eun Jin to give her his gift, but his heart is torn into two when he finds the FD with Sung Mo, who is asking her out on a Christmas Eve date!!

FD Eun Jin catches a glimpse of Dong Suk’s shocked face, but she continues to talk to Sung Mo. She lets out a romantic sigh and walks right past Dong Suk.

Oh no, Dong Suk.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

The filming begins.
Hyun Min is shot and Mina falls down and bursts into tears at the sight.

Hyun Min says his lines, but something is off and he cuts the scene. After apologizing to everyone, they shoot the scene again.

But Hyun Min continues to make the same error again and again and again until Director Goo suggest a ten minute break.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Exhausted and irritated from crying over and over again, Mina picks a bone with Hyun Min, asking if it’s because she refused to do the CF with him. Hyun Min tries to explain himself, but he has nothing to say but sorry.

He sincerely apologizes, even surprising Mina in the process.

During the break, Hyun Min arrives at Mina’s dressing room with an ice pack for her swelled up eyes. He asks to talk to her.

Mina still thinks it’s about the CF until Hyun Min asks if she also thinks he’s bad at acting.

Mina hesitates, but the fact that he’s asking her means that he also knows it.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Mina throws another question into the court: “Have you ever tried hard with your acting?”

Or if Hyun Min knows about his flaws.

Hyun Min asks if Mina knows hers, and Mina laughs, saying she practices everything from the basics.

“If you felt that there was a problem with your acting, you can only fix it if you really know about it.”

Hyun Min nods in deep thought.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

At the hospital, the doctor flips through the charts, still unclear about Anthony’s illness. But one thing is for sure, it’s not a side-effect from the depression meds. The doctor suggests that Anthony gets some tests from an eye specialist.

Anthony receives the tests as Go Eun wraps the scarf into a gift box and picks out her outfit for the night.

The results come out, and the doctor asks if Anthony has a family member with poor sight. When Anthony confirms it, the doctor knows right away that it’s his mother.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Anthony’s condition turns out to be an eye condition that gets passed down maternally. The process is slow, but for Anthony’s right eye, it’s already been developed, hence his blurred vision.

Devastated, Anthony walks out as he replays what the doctor said: he will be losing sight in his right eye soon, which will be followed by his left eye.

Go Eun excitedly arrives at the date place, a book café where she’s frequently visits. The waitress greets her and asks if she got a boyfriend and Go Eun bashfully denies it. It still makes her happy.

She texts Anthony to see where he’s at, but Anthony is nowhere near the café.

Anthony checks the message, but we see that he’s in front of his mother’s hospital.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Patiently waiting, Go Eun pulls out In Search of Lost Time. in the back, she pulls out a card that has the names of the people who read the book, which turns out to all be Go Eun.

From afar, Anthony watches his mother struggle through the hallway.
The doctor’s reminder that there is currently no cure and to organize his life before he loses sight in both eyes resounds in his head.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

A tear falls and he’s soon reminded of his childhood when he complained about his mother fumbling during bath time, getting soap in his eyes, or messing up the dinner by confusing sugar with salt.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Back in the present, he watches his mother sleep as he covers his mouth to mute his crying. But for the first time a long time, he allows himself to cry.

Go Eun continues to wait, but hours and hours later, Anthony never shows up. Go Eun heads home with the café closing.

Having returned to the office, Anthony sits in his car. He picks up the gift he got for Go Eun and gets out of the car, when he’s greeted by Go Eun. He quickly leaves the gift bag into the car.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Go Eun asks what’s up and Anthony apologizes. He lies that his mother was sick, and Go Eun asks if everything’s okay and completely understands.

Hiding her present behind her back, Go Eun smiles, saying she’ll sign that contract he really wants.

But in a surprise turn of events, Anthony suggests they do it another day and starts his way inside the building.

He stops in his tracks and calls out her name.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

“Since when did you like me?”

Go Eun’s eyes turn round as Anthony looks in her direction.

“I’ve tricked you, I’ve betrayed you, I’ve been nothing but rotten to you,” says Anthony. “Since when did you start liking me?”

A tear rolls down his eye and Go Eun watches in complete shock.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time


Of course something like this would happen to Anthony when everything’s been turned around and looking good for him.

That scene where he muffles his crying in his mother’s room just tore our hearts out. Not only is he regretting being a ruthless child growing up, but Anthony realizes that he’ll be going through the same thing his mother went through.

And the worst part is that if his mother finds out, his mother will have to live with the guilt of giving this horrible condition to him on top what she already felt by making his grow up in poor circumstances.

This is going to end as a tearjerker, isn’t it?

And we thought Dong Suk’s broken heart and Hyun Min’s self-realization were already sad.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

What happens in the next episode seems critical, with The Morning of Gyeonseong wrapping up, World Productions moving to Taesan Group, and most importantly, Go Eun’s contract still up in the air.

We have faith in Go Eun that she will sign with World Productions, regardless of Anthony’s ailment, but our worry is that Anthony will probably not let her, since he would want her to go some place that is bound to grow. He might even play the noble idiot card and become extremely mean and chase her out.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

We’re glad that the drama decided to extend two more episodes, because just like Go Eun was worrying that her drama didn’t have enough time to play out the romantic relationship between her characters, if The King of Dramas ended with Episode 16, Anthony’s sickness wouldn’t have hit us as hard since Anthony and Go Eun’s romance wasn’t all that convincing until this point.

It’s funny that The King of Dramas and The Morning of Gyeonseong parallel with each other, and we’re pretty sure that was the writer’s intention, which with the cast and staff were more than willing to extend the series.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 16 – In Search of Lost Time

Episode 16 might not have ended with a huge cliff hanger like the other episodes, but we feel that this ending was probably the most effective of them al.

We’re creating all these different scenarios that could happen in the next episode and actually curious to what will happen next, while in the other episodes, we had that tidbit of certainty that Anthony was going to get The Morning of Gyeongseong on air, because that was pretty obvious.

While we hated Anthony in the beginning for being a complete douchebag, after seeing his sincerity and change, we really hope there is a happy ending for him.

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