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JYJ’s Kim Junsu Builds A School In Cambodia

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2011.12.30 14:33 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

JYJ’s Kim Junsu lent a helping hand in constructing a school in a remote outback town in the Pusat Province, Cambodia.

An official from the UN-established ADRA Korea told enews on December 30, “A building completion and opening ceremony of the Kim Junsu school was held in Bilbong in Pusat Province, Cambodia on December 28.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Builds A School In Cambodia

Kim Junsu and a School in Cambodia Built by His Donation

The Kim Junsu School took five months to build and includes six classrooms, a bathroom, a room for special activities and a clean water supply system.

Bilbong is a remote town with a population of 1,500 and 337 households. It takes approximately three hours by car to travel to the capital. In the country that has a suffering economy and health system, the town is considered one of the most impoverished area within the country

Kim’s mother, Yoon Young Mi, visited the town through a volunteer organization and asked locals what they needed the most, and they answered without hesitation they needed a school. Upon hearing about their needs, Junsu was moved by their wish to construct a school to find a future for children under the harsh conditions, and set out to donate money to construct a school.

In this school, 200 children have been already studying an elementary school course, and there are also adult-aged students who missed their chance to study in their yout.

The children used to have to walk 5-10 km to get to their old school, and if it rained they weren’t able to go at all, so many gave up on school altogether.

At the opening ceremony, 500 children, their parents and other locals attended, while waving Korean and Cambodian flags, to celebrate the completion of the school. The first graders sang and danced as a thank you for the gift of the school and the chief of administration granted Kim a certificate of appreciation

Kim Junsu’s mother Yoon Young Mi attended the ceremony and said, “The children who study here have hope and study to accomplish their future dreams. I want to name the school ‘Xiah Junsu Evergreen Tree School’. I hope that the students can be talented people for Cambodia as well as the world.”

As Kim Junsu was busy with his musical, Elisabeth, he wrote a congratulatory message instead, saying, “Next time, I want to sing and play soccer with [the students].”

ADRA Korea’s general secretary said, “Phnom Penh′s citizens have many more benefits and opportunities but the residents of this remote town don’t get specialized support from the government. Thanks to Kim Junsu’s school, the children will have a stabilized opportunity to be educated and will be able to improve themselves for their future. “

The children said, “In the past, if it rained we just had to stay at home, but now, even if it rains, it doesn’t matter. I want to study so I can read to my mom and write letters.”

The villagers added “Today was the biggest day in our village. Though [Kim Junsu’s] never even seen us, he’s given us such a big present. We’ll teach the children to become a person like Kim Junsu, to lend a helping hand to the needy.”

As a token of appreciation, the village has erected a gate that resembles a Korean traditional house (hanok) that says, ‘Village Supported by Kim Junsu.’

ADRA Korea is planning to carry out more supporting activities; for example, they plan to establish a bathroom, a water supply system, give medical support and abolish illiteracy.

Kim Junsu has been dating money since 2008 for the project ‘Habitat for Humanity’ in Korea. Through this project, eight houses were built for the handicapped and the elderly and multi-cultural households.

Photo credit: C-Jes Entertainment

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